Friday, May 26, 2006

Smart Kids

They overtook my computer

And got to this web site all by themselves

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Okay, so really I'm just lazy

I really do plan on writing in this on a consistent basis. I just haven't scheduled it into my life yet. You see, I'm a bit anal so I have a set schedule for certain things. For example, I only work out in the mornings. I can't stand going to the gym at any other time, even if I have the time. It's not because there are more people around, I just don't like going at any other time. I have a similar routine with food. It can't be too late or early, and I have to eat about every 3 hours. I don't like meals that fill me up because it kills my routine. However I'll eat ice cream at any time. I do have some spontaneity.
Well, the point is stay tuned. I'm not giving up on my blog just yet, not until it becomes too uncool; then at that time I'll jump on another bandwagon.
Here is another picture. This is Alaura, niece 4 of 7, 4 of 5, 1 of 2. If you can figure that out, good for you.