Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February is too short

I haven’t written anything for February yet. I want to keep my resolution of writing in this at least once a month {reads note passed to me that says my resolution was to write once a week…looks around, crumples up note}, to entertain and inform my friends. I have much to write about. I want to complain about poor clothes size selection in stores for size 2 and under, but I keep gaining weight, so it probably won’t be issue in a couple of months. I want to expose a lousy school and its ilk but I’m waiting until I absolutely don’t need them for any type of reference. And then I want to write about something I can’t even give you a clue as to what it is about. I want to talk about the presidential races, but I am so uninformed it’s pitiful. But just FYI, I’m thinking Giuliani, he’s the most moderate of both bunches. I’ll probably vote Libertarian anyway, so this topic may be moot as well.

Instead I’m just going to complain about Window’s Live Mail. It’s in beta, so I should have known better, but if you're the type that reads and sends email, you should stay away from it. Most of the time I get the “Loading Your Messages…” message, along with a colorful little rotating circle to make me think it actually is loading my messages. “Just one more rotation and my messages will appear” is a thought I often have, alas, never realized. Now, I’ve come to hate the little circle; I’ve projected my frustration upon it and feel it’s the only thing preventing me from getting my mail.

I shouldn’t blame the circle. It may be a result of some interaction between my internet setting and WLM, or perhaps WLM and Internet Explorer (it screws up differently when I use Firefox) or WLM, IE, and Vista, or maybe WLM interacting with anything. Sorry, I’m getting mad at WLM again. The real reason I shouldn’t complain is that I can change back to the old version at anytime, but I am too lazy to do so.

Now that I have finished that, here is a brief update on my life:
- Still living in Seattle
- Still in school learning to program(now with Java)
- Still with the same dude I’ve been with for 3 years
- Still cant drive well. I scraped the left front end of my newly repaired car
by driving alongside a pole
- Speaking of driving, I got out of my ticket for getting into the accident. I
just have to pay the court $100 and they will drop the charges. I know, in
some countries that is called bribery.

Stayed tuned for more excitement in March!