Friday, March 28, 2008

Raymond, Washington

Damn you Raymond, Washington! Damn you all to hell!

I give up on this whole sticking within the speed limit business. I tried, I failed. I was so good while on the 101 highway, staying within the 55-60 mph limit, but then the 101 crossed through the city of Raymond and the speed limited dropped to 35. I didn't see the sign and accordingly didn't adjust my speed until Will hinted that I may be going too fast for the conditions. Too late, the copboy had already nabbed me. It would have been nice if copboy could have given me a warning, considering it was a holiday, but there was no mercy for the blonde Carrie (he lists me as blonde even though my license says brown, he was on drugs).

I want my 'damn you' to sound much like Charlton Heston's "damn you...damn you all to hell", so if you don't know what I am referring to, watch the clip from Planet of the Apes, then reread my first line again, because that is about the intensity I'm going for. Although if you haven't seen POTA and don't want the ending ruined for you, don't watch it. Either way, no me gusta Raymond, WA.

I know I've added a few generic clips of late, but rest assured I don't plan on making this blog into a you-tube fest. I just knew I couldn't surpass Heston's 'damn you'

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Will and I are taking a brief vacation to the Long Beach Peninsula. Google, no don't google, perform a Live Search of it and you will see we are not going to California, which is what almost everyone thinks when we tell them where we are going. Now if I wrote my post on Chino I could have said something funny here, but as is my life, it's in the to-do queue. Though in brief, the only reason we'd head to Long Beach, CA is to join a gang or buy a gat.

So I may or may not post anything, since Will has something against vacations and computers, but I'll take some pictures.

While deleting photos, I found a dorky, unflattering picture of me (and Will's office) before my first soccer game last September. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quickie Update Again

I was reading the comments in my last post, and you are right Sariah, updates are surely lacking. I only have time for a quickie (stinkin' students and their demands that I teach them, j/k). The big news is, I got the job! This will bring some stability to my ever changing schedule, but less vacation time. Although since my time off = not being paid for however long I am gone, I was more temporary unemployed as opposed to vacationing. I'll write more about the new job when I start working in April, because honestly, I don't know what I am really doing there. I hope they do!

I still plan on posting the 'missed-the-mark' defense of Chino and some pictures. Yeah, that's right, it's picture time!

Here is something totally unrelated. For some reason the exaggeration of poverty in this old cartoon has always made me laugh. I'm heartless.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Return

You may not have noticed, but for the sake of myself esteem, let me pretend you all have been wondering for weeks where I vanished.

The story is I didn’t vanish. I’ve been here, but the last two weeks have been the regular work and school mixed with a new job opportunity (more on that if it actually happens) and way too much soccer playing.

Here are some pictures from two weeks ago, just a few bruises on the sides of my right knee. I have no idea how they got there:

I’ve been searching for a new team to supplement my other two. Yes, I know I joined the second to supplement the first, but that was not enough because I see even more flaws in my performance. So, I’ve been literally playing the field. Unfortunately every team I have played for has been short a few players, so I don’t just play a few quarters like a normal “looker”, I play the entire game. This last weekend I played everyday, Saturday to Wednesday. My deepest apologies to the Wednesday team, because it only took 5 minutes into the game for me to become exhausted.

The upshot to all this should be better skills and a firmer body, but I’m pretty much doing whatever I can to prevent the latter by oinking out the days I’m not playing. In fact I went to sleep last night with a very upset stomach after devouring my entire fish and chip dinner, then getting ice cream later. But fish is healthy and ice cream has calcium right, so never mind, it’s all good.

Another benefit of the marathon-type playing is that I’ve gotten a taste of my 70’s with the inability to get out of bed in the morning because of aching joints. Figuring this is not normal for a woman of only a few decades, I saw the orthopedist. Besides the torn ligament in my left ankle (which apparently has been torn for 10 years), my joints are fine, just a little too used. But because I am a young, non-professional athlete I still shouldn’t have so many problems, so he recommended physical therapy. To be fair the doctor didn’t really say that when he prescribed PT, but it sure made me feel old.

All of this has inspired me to bring back my phone character, Grandma Applebee, annoying/entertaining the young co-eds of BYU from 98-99 (and I must admit, made a few appearances in Fresno and Seattle). So if I can manage making a legal recording of her, she shall make her appearance on the Torch Carrying Mob.

Still to appear…”Chino Farmers: the Equal Opportunity Cow Slaughterers”