Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crappy Post

If you are wondering where I disappeared to, and I know you are, I am currently obsessed with program I am writing for my C++ class. If you didn't know already, Microsoft has gotten the better of me and I want to enter the tech field. I'm starting late in the game, but luckily there such a thing as a Computational Linguist. I'm working on earning the former title, but I first need to learn a thing or two about programming. If you're by chance a techie and are laughing at my choice of language to start from, C++ was all that was offered at the introductory level. Next one, C#. Ha, ha. That is for you anti-Microsoft techies (yeah, I know I sent a TCM on them a while back, but I had a change of heart). Actually, though I'll probably try Java next. I need a language I can actually use. So, the program is due Thursday and I'm confident I'll spend every hour I have available to make it work better.

OCD + Programming = Bye Bye normal Carrie

Friday, November 10, 2006


I read my last blog entry and I can't seem to determine its meaning. I was quite sleep deprived (as opposed to my normal sleep deprived state) when I wrote it. Don't trust any post written after 11:00 pm and before 6:00 am. It may not be "me" writing it. One exception is the "Accident" post. My mind was still clear.

Now to update my eager readers...my car can be fixed! When is the big question. Whoever guesses right wins a prize. An added bonus if you can guess the repair cost. I'll play the game too, because I don't know the answers either.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well, I have much to say, but no time to write, and by the time I have the time, the elections will be old news. I was hoping at least one of the state of Washington candidates would promise to fix all my problems, but they didn't. I still have my underpaid, overworked position. I got back at those candidates that refused to listen, I didn't vote for them!!! I wrote myself in instead.

Here a few thoughts:

I'm most pleased with Lieberman winning. Indy's mat have a chance at being a real third party.

I'm indifferent to congressional shift of power. I remember being ecstatic about the shift 12 years ago. Change is good, I suppose. I haven't been too happy with the Republican's lately, so let's see what the Democrats have to offer. I've become so cynical that I don't see the difference much anymore, but at least these "guys" have some concern for the environment.