Monday, February 25, 2008


My very own Will, and local delegate for Obama, made the opinion section of the 2/26 Christian Science Monitor. Although our politics don’t always agree, I agree with every word he says here:

Superdelegates' damaging potential

Regarding the Feb. 20 article, "Backlash to superdelegates' role in picking nominee": I think it's important to recognize Barack Obama's strong support among young people, especially among 18- to 30-year-olds, and the fact that this constituency is turning out in record numbers to caucus and vote.

Should Senator Obama succeed in getting the majority of "regular" delegates, which looks increasingly likely, but have his nomination "overturned" at the convention by superdelegates' votes, the Democratic Party could conceivably be damaged for a generation. His disaffected young supporters may seek to throw their support elsewhere (that is, to some other party), or worse, leave politics altogether.

I think the superdelegates, being party leaders and officeholders, should carefully think about the long-term consequences of their respective decisions.

Personally, I think I may throw my support for Obama as well. Since the Republican nominee was already determined by the time it was our turn to vote, I voted in the Washington State Democratic Caucus and was one of the many that helped Obama win this state. While it’s true his words most of the time lack substance, and I’m not a fan of his economic and some social views, if he really can deliver positive ‘change’ (measured by economic growth and improved foreign relations) then I won’t regret my choice. I can’t say the same for my 2000 decision.

I’m not a Republican anymore, but I still lean right. Here are some other righties behind Obama.

Ike’s granddaughter, Susan Eisenhower, supporting Obama

Republicans for Obama

Bad English

I had to take time out of my important, high profile, fast paced, busy schedule (note: one or more of the schedule modifying adjectives may be completely false) to show you some lousy English. The following isn't Engrish from Japan, it was a location-tracking advertisement link on Project Playlist which is geared towards the young, hormonal Myspace audience:

I have parsed the sentence "We have Tracked One of Your Friends Likes You" every which way and it still doesn't make sense or follow any American English grammatical standard. It's either missing a relative clause or a comma or conjunction or pronoun or something, it just "ain't right".

So my guess it that the originator of the link and/or site (which probably is an attempt to get personal information or payment from the naive user) in not a native speaker, or even in the United States. Even those of below average intelligence still have mastery of their native grammar, so I don't think it's the mistake of "the dumb in-law we had to hire". It could just be a typo at the hands of a native speaker, but you'd think they'd proofread before displaying it to millions of users. The error itself should act as a warning that the site is dodgy.

BTW, I updated the posting I made below.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Votes are In

Thank you to the 7 voters who went against my vote, "proofread before posting", and voted that I add more personal, real life photos to the blog. There are no super delegates to throw your vote away, so pictures there will be! I have a few posts that I hope to write this week month (updated 2-25), here are the titles:

1. "Chino (my hometown) has made national news!" (and in some related news, stay away from beef for a while)

2. "Clinton out, Obama in" or "Say 'bye, bye' Baby Boomers"

3. Some article to fit whatever picture I take

Until that time enjoy Hoppy and Choppy (frog and tiger, respectively) below. Sadly Hoppy is living on his own these days as Choppy got a new owner at Microsoft today.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some Ramblings while TCM is being remodeled

I’m backing Obama!

I’ve accepted that the 2008 Presidential Primary will not produce a candidate I’d want for president. Even when I supported Giuliani, I had to ignore his ethics and just focus on his ability to win, which was artificially inflated. Now all that’s really left are McCain the warmonger; Romney the flip flopping panderer; Huckabee, whose supporters represent the reason I left the GOP; Clinton the lobbyist dream come true; and Obama whose answer to everything are the empty phrases, ‘change’ and ‘hope’. Ron Paul, the only GOP candidate for true limited government, is not in my dump list because I like the guy, but he doesn’t have a chance and his supporters could use some meds.
I’m being petty here, but I do have sound, logical reasons why I’m hoping for an Independent to emerge from the circus. Betting that that won’t happen, I’ve figured out how I’ll vote assuming the following combinations given the Repulican frontrunner McCain wins the GOP's nod:

McCain/good vice v. Obama/good vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Obama/good vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Obama/bad vice

McCain/good vice v. Clinton/good or bad vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Clinton/good vice
Get drugged up then vote Clinton

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Clinton/bad vice
Get drugged up for four years