Monday, August 29, 2005

Seattle: Uncensored

I was going to wait until I had an awesome picture of Mt. Rainier before I wrote of my adventures in Seattle, but when I hiked to Noble Knob, a knob that gives a spectacular view, the volcano was covered by clouds. I'll post a picture at some point. Here is a summary of my adventures thus far...Fasten your seat belts:

Friday, August 19 - Arrived around 3:00 am. Don't remember much beyond that. I think the movers got here sometime in the afternoon. After everything was moved in the man and I headed to his pub "The Fiddler."

Saturday, August 20 - Woke up surrounded by boxes to unpack. I think I unpacked a few things. The man worked on fixing his tandem. An essential part was missing. Much cussing from the garage.

Sunday, August 21 - Made cookies for the neighbors to avoid unpacking. Went on a bike ride with the tandem on the Burke-Gilman bike trail. The trail, which runs along Lake Washington, supposedly runs from Redmond to UW. We went the UW direction. I shall post pictures of the trail as well at some point. Except for the houses right on the lake that can block the view, the area is beautiful. If I had an artistic mind I could give a description that would take you from your bleak world to this terrestrial glory, but I don't; It's got a lot of greenery and a big blue lake.

Monday - I know I did something to put off unpacking, but I can't remember.

Okay, I see that this is boring you. My week and a half in Seattle has been great. The temperature hasn't risen above 80 degrees. Natural food stores and farmers markets are ubiquitous. The second hand clothes stores are actually stylish (Carrie's a little on the poor side). And, did somebody say ethnic food? Carrie's going to have run a bit more to make up for all the restaurants she going to try. Next week the man and I are going to Bumbershoot, a 3 or 4 day festival with tons of bands, so I'll have more exciting things to write of then.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Brother, can you spare a dime?

If you have any excess money feel free to donate to the Seattle Unemployment Foundation (SUF). It's a new non-profit organization I have set up for the educated but unemployed of Seattle. Right now the organization is helping out a poor fool who got a Master's in Linguistics, but is having trouble finding employment as she is either over or under qualified for most jobs. Email me if you are interested in donating, so that this girl can do some shopping, er, I mean make ends meet while she continues her quest for employment.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fresno: When you want the crime of the big city, but inconvenience of a small town

I am now spending my last days in Fresno. Though Fresno wasn't too bad, I will not miss the lack of fine dining, Savemart, smog, 100 degree+ summers, car thefts, and crime in general. Good ol' Fresno, where police manpower is concentrated on combating traffic law violators (tickets are revenue) rather than thieves and murderers. But hey, I'm not bitter about my 3 speeding tickets, really.