Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm Not Dead

I've got this neat job that lets me work all the time. Yep, all the hours I want. I think I average about $5/hour. I know it's not much, but they allow me to work as much as I want. I have taken advantage of their generosity by devoting all my free time to it. It's really great!

Speaking of jobs, I still have my ESL job too. In fact, my English vocabulary is a little off sometimes as I am influenced by the repetitive mistakes of my students. For example, sometimes I say 'let' when I mean 'force'.
It's a little embarrassing.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I like cheese!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


by anonymous

Time, why have you left me and will you ever return?
What did I do to deserve such desertion?
I wasted you at times
but that is what you wanted
Too precious to be used,
Now you are gone

You promised your friend Money to comfort me
but Money never arrived
I think Money died
But you are who I really want
My one and only love
Come home, come home

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stuff I Was Going to Post Before the Year Ended

Year in Review:
- I received my MA in linguistics in May. Now everyone wants to hire me.
- I got pharyngo-conjunctival fever, a nasty case of conjunctivitis, in August. I got it from my optometrist brother's kids. It surfaced while backpacking in the mountains. I was so weak and ill I thought I was going to die there.
- I moved to Seattle from Fresno in late August. I have assimilated to the coffehouse syndrome.
- I got a job in September.
- I got another job in September.
- I got another job in late October.
- I got another job in November.
- I lost a job in December.

- I regret not regretting my past regrets.
- I regret that I have been so out of touch with people the past two years. I hope everyone still remembers me.

- I usually make resolutions about one a week, which I then subsequently break, so a year-long one doesn't really have a chance with me. But, I'll try. My resolution is to make a new friend. Yeah, it sounds pretty cheesy, but I really haven't made a good one since I arrived in Seattle. You can count some of my students, but then if you do that I might get fired.