Thursday, March 29, 2007


This post is absolutely free! I’m sure there were a lot of other people today that made you pay for their services. Take comfort in knowing there are some people left in this world that know when and what to give.

Take for instance an Australian sounding guy I heard on the radio. He made billions and now he wants to teach you to do the same by listening to his free tape. Yeah, a free tape! Cassette, VHS, I don’t know. I’m glad he didn’t waste his time digitizing anything. That’s more time he can spend revealing his money making secrets, which must obviously be connected to the tape player market.

Then there was some kind of college advertising, It was Diver’s Institute, Bryman, or something like that (BTW, in case you came upon this article through a search of ‘Bryman’, RUN! Not from me, but from the school, it’s a scam school that will accept anyone, real employers don’t take students from that school seriously, all you will get is debt. Go to a community college. ) which told me I could get a free brochure or something similar. Wow, free information about the school! …wait, I don’t remember EVER having to pay for school information.

After that ad I was told to call a number to get a free computer. So the tape and brochure were lame deals, but a free computer! Just sign up for a no-name ISP at $40/month for 3 years, and endure the ad-ware actually built into the system, and you got yourself a…uhh…hmm, no mention of its processor or RAM…you have yourself a running computer.

Well, I’d write more, but I got a check for $8.50 from my credit card company that I’m going to cash. Take that you no good freebies! At least my CC company knows how to give. The $8.50 will come in handy when I’m billed the $16.95/month for the program that I'll be enrolled in for cashing the check.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I Can't Afford to be Thin

I’m going to post this while it is still relevant…

NOTE: Yes, I’m complaining about something petty. I should be thankful for the problems I have.

My wardrobe is about 5 years old. A few tops or bottoms make it in or out, but I would say the average age of any article is 5, with a standard deviation of .4. There are various reasons it’s so old. I’ve been in school for a while so I don’t have a new one in the budget. I generally take care of my clothes and buy quality so that they last. I like to dress simple and traditional, which translates to ‘I don’t really have any fashion sense’. Then, I don’t care for fads so sometimes it’s slim pickins’ when it comes to shopping, unless the fad just so happens to match my preferences.

However, recently (recent = 1 year) I’ve become extremely bored with my wardrobe. The ritual now is to spend 30 minutes a day trying out different combinations, and then to not be pleased. Usually I just end up wearing what I finally convinced myself to wear the day before, hoping I don’t see the same client as the day before. I do that until the outfit begins to smell, stain, or unthread. Also, the 30 minutes I spend redressing in front of the mirror is the same 30 minutes I have allotted myself to get to my appointments. So, this is a serious problem.

Keeping in mind the shopping problems mentioned earlier, my inability to create a new wardrobe is either completely my fault or is exacerbated by the lack of reasonably priced, quality clothing for young adults in size 2 (I can pull a 1 at some places, but the truth is that’s size inflation. Are you going to shop where you are a 4 or a 6?). I told you it’s petty. There are worse things and I don’t mean to lessen the plight of those who struggle with their weight (I myself was once 30 pounds heavier); but seriously, go to a shop, any shop, cheap or refined, you’re not going find anything cute in size 2 or less that is not geared to a teenager or worth its material. Here is my experience:

Boutiques - Out of my price range. I CAN occasionally
find cute clothes here, but I don’t make enough in a
week to afford to breathe on them.

Mall stores/Department stores - Two problems here.
1.) I fit in teenage clothing (they haven’t given
up on America) but I don’t want to look like a
teenager. I don’t want to look 30 either, but a 30
year old trying to look like a 15 year old is an
even sadder sight.
2.) The rest of the clothing retailers figure if you
aren’t a teenager then you you can't be anything
lower than a size 4 because that is the closest size
I can find. Not that size 4 isn't small, but it still
looks like a clown costume on me. The United States
is 2/3 overweight, so I have two theories:
A.) Clothing manufacturer’s follow the population
trend and make 2/3 of the clothing in large sizes.
They just don’t know their market, because
obviously the same proportion is not buying the
clothing and they are wasting material. That
explains the plethora of larger sizes in
clearance racks (additionally there are usually
plenty of purple, polka–dotted orange concoctions
in size 2).
B.) More thin women shop at malls/departments
stores than less-than-thin women. Manufactures
make bank off the stick ladies by limiting the
supply. They are always sold at the top price.
Sounds snobby, but based on my inability to find
anything decent and affordable, I’m going with
theory B.

Walmart, etc - Yes, I’ve even tried there. Even worse
than the malls. Anything else I say about this experience
will be offensive.

Now, I write this while eating chocolate chips. I was going to make cookies and was only going to take a handful, but I am pretty much at mid-bag right now. Looks like no cookies for my student, and a problem solved for Carrie.