Monday, April 23, 2007

I Live in a One Dimensional World

I’m distracted again and I’m finally working on a program that I absolutely hate. Usually when I get a programming assignment I start right away, then I make a million changes to it to make it more optimal because I’m an obsessed freak (but that’s another post). This most recent program is dealing with graphics; I have to create some shapes, along with a user interface to interact with them.
The problem is I can’t create graphics. I have no spatial knowledge and I’m thinking I’m well past the age I should have acquired it. When I hear about a Cartesian plane, I ask if they fly to California.
To see my spatial skills in action, you should watch me parallel park, that is, if I don’t run you over, just don’t think you’re safe on the curb.

Here’s the much awaited pic of my boyfriend:

Ha, Ha. Give me a few weeks and I think I’ll have more detailed pic of him up here. There is a reason why there is no trace of him on here (minus a link to a page of his. Ooh, I said too much already), including even mentioning his name, but I can’t go into it. We’re both hoping it will be a non issue soon.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, by popular (popular = any number greater than 0) demand I am posting some recent pictures of myself. Here are some pics that were taken at Gas Works Park in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

The park was just one of the destinations on our tandem ride, but it was the only time the sun was out when we stopped. That's what I love about this city. It was cold and rainy when we began our ride, and once my face had thawed out, I swore to the man that I would never ride in such weather again. Then, 20 minutes later I'm having to squint in a photo because my sunglasses are off. NOTE: Click on the picture for a closer view. You can actually see the holes in my shirt. There are so many yuppie riders that I'm all about the bum look when I ride.

Lake Union and parts of downtown Seattle in the background

I was trying to do a cool pose, but it obviously didn't work out

If you do a close up you can actually see my squinting face. Anyway, here is the famous
tandem, a full view of the downtown skyline, and my backpack down below. I'm also
wearing a rainbow ankle strap, but I'm neither a lesbian or member of the rainbow
coalition. Note to self: buy new strap.

Sorry, those aren't the best pics, but, it's all about working your way up, right? In the next ones I post you shall see my hair. Actually, I'm thinking about dyeing it again after a 2 year hair dye drought. So I'll show you my recent, almost natural color, and let you decide.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Picture (not of me)

I'm working on an essay right now and all I want to do is anything but the essay. It must be completed tonight, so I don't have a choice. I can, however, make the choice to be distracted, which I am choosing to do now. When writing, I invariably feel compelled to complete other tasks, such as bestowing my loyal readers (if any) with invaluable information, except for the task at hand. If I were writing a dissertation, I have no doubt I would have remodeled my home by now. So without further ado here is a picture of my youngest nephew, at 5 months old, Christian. He may be the youngest, but he doesn't have to be the lightest!

I have 8 nieces and nephews and there are 8 months left in the year. So I'll make this a new feature of my blog, provided my sister-in-laws keep me updated.

Special Note: Sorry Sarah, I know I said I would stop posting the kiddie pics, but essays do crazy things to you.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

For your Listening Pleasure or Pain

Well, I'm not going to exert any creativity. I'll just borrow from our good friend YouTube and not so well known Radio Blog:

If you have had the unfortunate experience of hearing the Black Eyed Peas "Humps" , Alanis Morissette has done a parody which doesn't sound too bad. Actually hearing the words in Alanis' rendition you validate your earlier thoughts on the lameness of the original version.

Now onto decent songs that became awesome (my retro word of the month) after being covered, but not as a parody:

Warning : They are so well done they are depressing, so listen to after at least 3 days of sunshine.

Pretty Good
Nine Inch Nails "Hurt"

Johnny Cash "Hurt"

Tears For Fears "Mad World"

Gary Jules "Mad World"