Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Annual Christmas Post

I'm not as bad of a blogger as I thought. In the 3.42 years I've had this blog I've managed to wish you all, my loyal readers, a Merry Christmas: 2005, 2006, 2007. And much like 2006, I have nothing better to talk about than the weather. In fact, I'm not sure what the fine citizens of the Seattle area would do without the weather to talk about. Not that I am mocking them in any way.

So Merry Christmas! For everyone I updated my last post to include my teammates (yes, I have teammates) and will now go on to talk about the weather. Yep, I'm a freaking Santa,

The snow started falling Sunday December 14. Not much fell. Our cat Donny was the only one who wanted to play in it, and by play I mean "try to run as fast as he can to get his paws out of the snow "

Scoping it out:


Then that Wednesday a big storm was supposed to hit, but Seattle was in some sort of 'snow cone' so instead we got rain, all surrounding areas got snow, and our snow melted.

[no photo, as if this post isn't boring enough]

Finally on Thursday we got our snow! And as is the case in Seattle, no one can go anywhere because we are all too afraid to drive in it. Given the terrian and information later in my post, I don't blame them. Will and I luckily can both work from home. Yay, well, sort of.

Not working, but walking to the park:

The park and frozen pond:

Since the weather people were completely wrong about Wednesday's storm, I didn't heed their weekend warning and figured I could wait until Friday to send out my Christmas packages and "cards". So when the snow kept falling and the temperature kept dropping I knew I screwed up (note: if you did get something from me and it arrived on time, you can thank Will for busing it to the post office on Thursday, unfortunatley I didn't have many addresses on hand nor many presents wrapped so I got a grand total of three "cards" sent).

We got somewhat of a break on Friday. It didn't snow, but the high was below freezing and not much was melting off the road. Day 2 of the confinement by snow.

On Saturday I was desperate to get some gifts mailed so I braved the icy roads to get to the post office (note: if you got something from me sent the 20th you can thank my sense of adventure or stupidity, depending on the perspective).

That night it began to snow, then snow, then snow, [Enter Sunday] then snow, then snow... pretty much a foot of it, which is quite unheard of in Seattle, and it was light an fluffy to boot! It was deep enough that Will got out the old cross country skis and skied the bike trail. I would have joined him but I slept until 10 instead. Oh do I value my sleep. Anyway I'm veering off topic

Below is the Burke Gilman trail which I spoke of in this post. See, I told you I would post a picture of it:

All the while the temperature didn't rise above freezing, so here are more snow pics on Monday.

Shoveling our walkway, but really I only did it in hopes to burn off some of the 5000+ calories I had been consuming of since I all I did snowbound was eat. Later, I ate a handful of truffles:

Will heading out to the trail again. I'm not sure why I didn't go with him this time. Since cross country skiing is a much better form of exercising than shoveling. I must have really wanted those truffles:

Our neighbors shoveling our shared driveway:

Now for the complaining...

Guess what our street looked like on Monday?
Yep, just like the driveway. I know it's there, but where?

Snow storms are rare, so Seattle has a whopping 24 snowplows to cover the entire area. Since they cannot possibly help us all out they focus on the arterials (in English: main roads). That doesn't help when you are half a mile from an arterial but have to drive down a steep, snowy and icy downgrade. It also doesn't help when you are .2 miles from another arterial and have to make it up a very steep snowy and icy upgrade to get there. Even if you can get to an arterial here is Seattle's, or more appropriately, Mayor Nickles' way of dealing with that: Seattle refuses to use salt; roads "snow packed" by design. Although I can sum it up with these quotes:
The city's approach means crews clear the roads enough for all-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles, or those with front-wheel drive cars as long as they are using chains.

The icy streets are the result of Seattle's refusal to use salt...

That leaves many drivers, including Seattle police, pretty much on their own until nature does to the snow what the sand can't: melt it.

And to help us all sleep at night:

The city's patrol cars are rear-wheel drive. And even with tire chains, officers are avoiding hills and responding on foot...

Alright I'm done with the complaining...Finally we got some relief on Tuesday. The roads were still crap, but the city was above freezing, and there was no further accumulation. We still couldn't drive, but Will was able to get to work and I was able to go to the store. These were both great accomplishments.

A ghost town AKA Microsoft around late December:

The question now is, if I was stuck inside for days why didn't I catch up on emails/facebook/other blogs or post anything until now...oh the mystery.

Monday, December 08, 2008

More of the Same

It's December and I am not ready so I am posting more soccer pics because that is all really know how to do. We just played our last game of the season yesterday (photos not shown). I have no idea what I will do to stay fit in the meantime. My ankle has given out and the gym is way too boring these days. Poor me. Well, I may post something of relevance...someday

(These are high res photos, click on them if you want a closer view. I know you all want to see my sexy back.)

We were up by 5 so I tried my hand at goal. I gave up one (that photo not shown):

I got it:

Taking a goal kick with really bad form and not sure what's going on with my thigh:

Was bored in goal, had to get back out on the field:

I'm having soccer withdrawals already, better go eat some chocolate to make myself feel better.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy Critic - Lite (and Late)

Already Halloween and I can see trick or treaters outside the window, but I'll be damned it I don't do my yearly (as of last year) review of the newest candy.

Unfortunately, I'm a little short on time, but since TCM is keeping on the skinny side anyway a short review is okay.

I only found one new concoction, and maybe it wasn't new, but I only saw it this year and that is Candy Corn Kisses. It looks nice as you can see from the picture below, but taste...yuck! It's as if Hershey's idea was to add sugar to vomit and make it look like a cute little Kiss. Okay, I am exaggerating a little about the taste, but it did not, in any way, taste like candy corn or a standard Kiss. Don't be fooled by the pretty packaging and chemicals they added to make the "stuff" look like candy corn, 'cuz candy corn it ain't.

Now to balance out the negative review, if you like candy corn it's good mixed with peanuts.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starting to Feel Better

Since I don't communicate with anyone via the blog, email, social networking sites, the telephone, or text messages you probably didn't know I was sick at all. Well...I was and kind of still am. In keeping with my minimalist approach to blogging, here you go...

Yet another team I play for:
[Before game]

[Throwing it in]

[After first half, down by two, check out the sweat and nasty hair]

[Look who's representing the Tbot]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My promise of more posts didn't quite pan out well, did it? This is attemt 37 for consistent posting: shorter posts. Less talk, more shock...oops...wrong audience. TCM: We get to the point.

Here is my post:


1. If you use instant messaging you need to use Windows Live Messenger? Yahoo Shmahoo, Skype is Tripe, and AIM is archiving your messages for later exposure. Done.

2. Now that you have all your contacts on Messenger, message away! But, wait, what about your friend in Mexico whose English is horrible (assuming your Spanish is just as bad). You'd love to message them, but oh what a headache that would be.

What's that T-Bot, you say you can help?

(My head head peeking in above)

Yes, that is right, T-bot will translate for you, no need to speak the same language! In the above example, I'm only conversing with T-bot ('cuz' no one else is up at this hour), but he can be added to any instant messaging conversation and will act as a translator. For a much better decscription of T-bot's utility check out this page MSR Team Blog, but before you do that T-bot has a message for you:

Thursday, September 18, 2008


In what seems to be the only consistent thing on my blog, here I am posting before my birthday. I suppose every year around this time, I feel the need to assure myself I'm on top of things and in control of my life. I'm getting older and can't leave life for later. So naturally, I hop on to the blog and post away.

Now for rant:
I was going to post a decent picture of myself since, in the pictures on the main page, I probably didn't shower the days they were taken; I am dirty, sweaty (sometimes bloody) from whatever physical activity I was engaged in; and I look like a dude in one of them. If you can't tell already I'm a bit on the vain side. I was able to get over myself enough to post the unflattering pictures, but with my current posting rate those pics have remained in the front. (No that wasn't the rant, just a subrant). However I am having to forgo that plan because I have two huge pimples on the left side of my chin! WTF? Freaking acne! (Now I am at the rant) I am almost 32, I am aging, I am developing wrinkles (I can't see them yet, but I know they are hiding somewhere in development stage) there should be no room for acne. As my good friend Sarah says "It's not fair to have both" (more of a paraphrase than a quote, but I'll keep it quoted anyway). I would be less worried if they were external (using vague language to avoid visual description the universally repulsive sebaceous surprise), but no, they are the lousy, internal red ones that hurt when you touch them and take a week or so to disappear. Note to physical self: You are old, don't let the soccer playing, need to party, and general immaturity fool you. This body is done with acne!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yeah, I'm Here

Dear Blog readers,

I miss you. I hope to be blogging again soon. Need to put blog in my outlook calendar.

Here's another soccer pic with another team. Be nice to us, we played a rough scrimmage:

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sorry, I've been a loser of late. I hope to provide more life to this blog soon. In the meantime, below is some new life. I am officially and aunt X 12!

Brother Brian and Sister in law Emily's 3rd, Aubry:

Brother Carl and Sister in law Lora's 7th (I stole this from her blog), Cora LeAnn (I dig the middle name):

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Be Very Afraid

What 'football' team has Euro Cup champs Spain shaking in their boots?.....

Oh yeah!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Should See The Other Girl

The title of this post is a bit misleading. It would be nice if I could blame my latest little wound on someone else, like another player tripping or shoving me down, because then I'd know I was doing a going a job of shutting them down earlier. Unfortunately, my latest injury on the soccer field is completely my fault. With my awesome sense of coordination I managed to trip over myself and slide face first across the carpet-like turf. The leftover blood in the nose however was the product of another player's hand to my face, so I'm still hard, I'm still cool.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm bloggin'!

Sooooooooooo, I've been super duper busy and haven't had much online time at all. Sort of like living in the 80's all over again, minus the music, Reagan and Soviet spies, which is what made it a decade worth living in (no booing from the left, Reaganomics could have worked!). So to my fellow bloggers I'll be visiting you soon and to my non-blogging readers, Hi!

Here is a true, illustrated story for you to celebrate my return.

Will and Carrie went on a hike somewhere in Ellensburg. Will found a four leaf clover.

Later on in the hike, Carrie fell and scraped up her right knee. You can't really see it here but I'm sure that's not why you are here anyway, at least I hope.

(I know that looks like a Corey, but that really is in fact the Carrie)

A week later, after wearing the same sweatshirt she has worn on her hike (not in any pic) to bed, she found a tick on her leg the next morning.

After 20 or so minutes of struggling to remove the lousy tick, Carrie finally got him loose, although he took some of her skin with him and tried to get away (Click on pic to enlarge).

No one takes Carrie's skin and lives, so she sentenced him to death by alcohol.

While it was Will that found the four leaf clover, Carrie is the one who pulled it out. So, if you find a four leaf clover, be sure to have someone else do the dirty work of ending its luck bestowing life.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Random Hillary Quotes

"Clinton is acting like a cornered's disgusting" - Will Lewis
"She's a bloodly liar...she needs to be honest...people are much smarter than she gives them credit for." - Janani Mathur
"Oh, no I'm good, I don't have a strong opinion" - Abhinav M.
"The Hill be the pill and not the good one." - C. Lewis

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry for low quality photo, but it's the best I could get with my phone (the camera, along with the Will, are in another continent at the current time).

Now if you can direct your attention to the white blur in the photo, that would be snow, and that would be yesterday, April 18. I did in fact speak too soon. We are still waiting for spring.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lame Pic for Lame Game

I went to my first, but not last, Angels v. Mariners game of the season yesterday and contrary to the title it wasn't a lame game. Thanks to the mistakes on both teams (Anaheim needs you back soon Lackey!), it was a nail biter up until the 7th inning. Unfortunately, the Angels didn't recover from their mistakes as much and they lost.

In my attempt to be cool or funny or something I had Will take a picture of me in my Angels gear with my newly received free Mariners' calendar. It didn't turn out so cool or funny, AND it is poorly centered AND Will's fleece even makes its way into the lower left corner of the picture. This is same man that takes photos like this:


Yep, not too much effort put into that last one Will. The Angels must have been ahead.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Update: I wrote this on the day listed above but did not post it until 4/12, because I don't like the cold. I wanted to post a picture of the kitty, Kitty, but the wireless didn't have enough 'umph' to upload the large file. My options were to post sans pic or go downstairs to the frigid, dark basement (where Will also kindly set up my office!?) and connect directly to the stronger cable. I chose option 3. In a related note, spring may have finally arrived in Seattle.

Old News:
I've started my new job and I am still teaching. Luckily, I'm not in school this quarter or else I'd probably be too tired to tell you I am tired. Informative posts are on their way. Here is the preview:

Our brief vacation in hicksville (not bad, really)
Chino post (I'm still going to write it even if no one cares)
You decide what I write about! (I'm thinking I'll probably pretend someone suggested a topic)

For your pleasure, here is a picture of my poor kitty, who is also named Kitty. I'm a bad mother, I abandoned Kitty for a man and now I make my parents take care of her. Actually the real story is that she lived the life of luxury in Chino (in her picture she is on her futon/bed, what cat has a real bed?) and she was living the hood life in Fresno. She loves hunting, but in Fresno I couldn't let her out of my apartment because of the animals that weren't properly trained. And that includes some high ranking, top of the food chain members of kingdom Animalia, if you know what I mean. So after a semester, I returned her to my parents where she could roam free again. Unfortunately, I never introduced her to my then boyfriend Will's cat Donny. So when it came time to move to Seattle, I didn't want to risk taking her along and finding out the two cats didn't like each other. Sadly, I left her in California. I am sure writing a lot for being tired, so here we go...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Raymond, Washington

Damn you Raymond, Washington! Damn you all to hell!

I give up on this whole sticking within the speed limit business. I tried, I failed. I was so good while on the 101 highway, staying within the 55-60 mph limit, but then the 101 crossed through the city of Raymond and the speed limited dropped to 35. I didn't see the sign and accordingly didn't adjust my speed until Will hinted that I may be going too fast for the conditions. Too late, the copboy had already nabbed me. It would have been nice if copboy could have given me a warning, considering it was a holiday, but there was no mercy for the blonde Carrie (he lists me as blonde even though my license says brown, he was on drugs).

I want my 'damn you' to sound much like Charlton Heston's "damn you...damn you all to hell", so if you don't know what I am referring to, watch the clip from Planet of the Apes, then reread my first line again, because that is about the intensity I'm going for. Although if you haven't seen POTA and don't want the ending ruined for you, don't watch it. Either way, no me gusta Raymond, WA.

I know I've added a few generic clips of late, but rest assured I don't plan on making this blog into a you-tube fest. I just knew I couldn't surpass Heston's 'damn you'

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Will and I are taking a brief vacation to the Long Beach Peninsula. Google, no don't google, perform a Live Search of it and you will see we are not going to California, which is what almost everyone thinks when we tell them where we are going. Now if I wrote my post on Chino I could have said something funny here, but as is my life, it's in the to-do queue. Though in brief, the only reason we'd head to Long Beach, CA is to join a gang or buy a gat.

So I may or may not post anything, since Will has something against vacations and computers, but I'll take some pictures.

While deleting photos, I found a dorky, unflattering picture of me (and Will's office) before my first soccer game last September. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quickie Update Again

I was reading the comments in my last post, and you are right Sariah, updates are surely lacking. I only have time for a quickie (stinkin' students and their demands that I teach them, j/k). The big news is, I got the job! This will bring some stability to my ever changing schedule, but less vacation time. Although since my time off = not being paid for however long I am gone, I was more temporary unemployed as opposed to vacationing. I'll write more about the new job when I start working in April, because honestly, I don't know what I am really doing there. I hope they do!

I still plan on posting the 'missed-the-mark' defense of Chino and some pictures. Yeah, that's right, it's picture time!

Here is something totally unrelated. For some reason the exaggeration of poverty in this old cartoon has always made me laugh. I'm heartless.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Return

You may not have noticed, but for the sake of myself esteem, let me pretend you all have been wondering for weeks where I vanished.

The story is I didn’t vanish. I’ve been here, but the last two weeks have been the regular work and school mixed with a new job opportunity (more on that if it actually happens) and way too much soccer playing.

Here are some pictures from two weeks ago, just a few bruises on the sides of my right knee. I have no idea how they got there:

I’ve been searching for a new team to supplement my other two. Yes, I know I joined the second to supplement the first, but that was not enough because I see even more flaws in my performance. So, I’ve been literally playing the field. Unfortunately every team I have played for has been short a few players, so I don’t just play a few quarters like a normal “looker”, I play the entire game. This last weekend I played everyday, Saturday to Wednesday. My deepest apologies to the Wednesday team, because it only took 5 minutes into the game for me to become exhausted.

The upshot to all this should be better skills and a firmer body, but I’m pretty much doing whatever I can to prevent the latter by oinking out the days I’m not playing. In fact I went to sleep last night with a very upset stomach after devouring my entire fish and chip dinner, then getting ice cream later. But fish is healthy and ice cream has calcium right, so never mind, it’s all good.

Another benefit of the marathon-type playing is that I’ve gotten a taste of my 70’s with the inability to get out of bed in the morning because of aching joints. Figuring this is not normal for a woman of only a few decades, I saw the orthopedist. Besides the torn ligament in my left ankle (which apparently has been torn for 10 years), my joints are fine, just a little too used. But because I am a young, non-professional athlete I still shouldn’t have so many problems, so he recommended physical therapy. To be fair the doctor didn’t really say that when he prescribed PT, but it sure made me feel old.

All of this has inspired me to bring back my phone character, Grandma Applebee, annoying/entertaining the young co-eds of BYU from 98-99 (and I must admit, made a few appearances in Fresno and Seattle). So if I can manage making a legal recording of her, she shall make her appearance on the Torch Carrying Mob.

Still to appear…”Chino Farmers: the Equal Opportunity Cow Slaughterers”

Monday, February 25, 2008


My very own Will, and local delegate for Obama, made the opinion section of the 2/26 Christian Science Monitor. Although our politics don’t always agree, I agree with every word he says here:

Superdelegates' damaging potential

Regarding the Feb. 20 article, "Backlash to superdelegates' role in picking nominee": I think it's important to recognize Barack Obama's strong support among young people, especially among 18- to 30-year-olds, and the fact that this constituency is turning out in record numbers to caucus and vote.

Should Senator Obama succeed in getting the majority of "regular" delegates, which looks increasingly likely, but have his nomination "overturned" at the convention by superdelegates' votes, the Democratic Party could conceivably be damaged for a generation. His disaffected young supporters may seek to throw their support elsewhere (that is, to some other party), or worse, leave politics altogether.

I think the superdelegates, being party leaders and officeholders, should carefully think about the long-term consequences of their respective decisions.

Personally, I think I may throw my support for Obama as well. Since the Republican nominee was already determined by the time it was our turn to vote, I voted in the Washington State Democratic Caucus and was one of the many that helped Obama win this state. While it’s true his words most of the time lack substance, and I’m not a fan of his economic and some social views, if he really can deliver positive ‘change’ (measured by economic growth and improved foreign relations) then I won’t regret my choice. I can’t say the same for my 2000 decision.

I’m not a Republican anymore, but I still lean right. Here are some other righties behind Obama.

Ike’s granddaughter, Susan Eisenhower, supporting Obama

Republicans for Obama

Bad English

I had to take time out of my important, high profile, fast paced, busy schedule (note: one or more of the schedule modifying adjectives may be completely false) to show you some lousy English. The following isn't Engrish from Japan, it was a location-tracking advertisement link on Project Playlist which is geared towards the young, hormonal Myspace audience:

I have parsed the sentence "We have Tracked One of Your Friends Likes You" every which way and it still doesn't make sense or follow any American English grammatical standard. It's either missing a relative clause or a comma or conjunction or pronoun or something, it just "ain't right".

So my guess it that the originator of the link and/or site (which probably is an attempt to get personal information or payment from the naive user) in not a native speaker, or even in the United States. Even those of below average intelligence still have mastery of their native grammar, so I don't think it's the mistake of "the dumb in-law we had to hire". It could just be a typo at the hands of a native speaker, but you'd think they'd proofread before displaying it to millions of users. The error itself should act as a warning that the site is dodgy.

BTW, I updated the posting I made below.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Votes are In

Thank you to the 7 voters who went against my vote, "proofread before posting", and voted that I add more personal, real life photos to the blog. There are no super delegates to throw your vote away, so pictures there will be! I have a few posts that I hope to write this week month (updated 2-25), here are the titles:

1. "Chino (my hometown) has made national news!" (and in some related news, stay away from beef for a while)

2. "Clinton out, Obama in" or "Say 'bye, bye' Baby Boomers"

3. Some article to fit whatever picture I take

Until that time enjoy Hoppy and Choppy (frog and tiger, respectively) below. Sadly Hoppy is living on his own these days as Choppy got a new owner at Microsoft today.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some Ramblings while TCM is being remodeled

I’m backing Obama!

I’ve accepted that the 2008 Presidential Primary will not produce a candidate I’d want for president. Even when I supported Giuliani, I had to ignore his ethics and just focus on his ability to win, which was artificially inflated. Now all that’s really left are McCain the warmonger; Romney the flip flopping panderer; Huckabee, whose supporters represent the reason I left the GOP; Clinton the lobbyist dream come true; and Obama whose answer to everything are the empty phrases, ‘change’ and ‘hope’. Ron Paul, the only GOP candidate for true limited government, is not in my dump list because I like the guy, but he doesn’t have a chance and his supporters could use some meds.
I’m being petty here, but I do have sound, logical reasons why I’m hoping for an Independent to emerge from the circus. Betting that that won’t happen, I’ve figured out how I’ll vote assuming the following combinations given the Repulican frontrunner McCain wins the GOP's nod:

McCain/good vice v. Obama/good vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Obama/good vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Obama/bad vice

McCain/good vice v. Clinton/good or bad vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Clinton/good vice
Get drugged up then vote Clinton

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Clinton/bad vice
Get drugged up for four years

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quickie Update

Will is still hobbling along and now he is sick, with a 101+ temp. Nurse Carrie contract has been extended indefinitely. Jan 2008 will not be forgotten.

My ankle is doing better. I joined an indoor soccer league to supplement my outdoor adventures. Will post pics of various bruises as they occur. Right now I have two big toes without toenails. My apologies if you were eating while reading this.

I was temporarily relived of my nurse duties last weekend for a weekend of skiing in Tahoe! Yes, I left the patient to enjoy the same activity that crippled him. But, I made the plans much earlier and it was to see the Sarah and clan. That should be reason enough. Anyway, the snow was excellent (not quite the powder of Utah, but the best I've seen since I left that state), and because it was Sarah's first time skiing, I have a great story to tell. Something about a beginner on an intermediate slope, a rescue dog, and a snowmobile.

And as always, here is the usual unfulfilled promise of new pics:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Update

WARNING : Thier our alot of mispeelings and grammer errors below. I did not edit before posting the rushed update. Get a point for every mistake you find.

In our first ski trip of the season, and in our second run of a nice, sunny day, Will bit it, and bit it good. Sadly, I can’t say I really saw what happened. We were at a stopping point at the top of a slope, where it’s relatively flat. I paused as I eavesdropped on some older women (I know I will regret calling them older when I reach my 40’s, but until that time, they were older) nervously dare each other to go. We were on a blue run (intermediate), but on the more expert end, with about a 40% grade, so the women’s fears were understandable if they were expecting a lower grade. One woman told the others its part of the initiation for the “425”. The 425 being the area code on the somewhat wealthier, suburban Eastside (or Snohomish county, strange area distribution I must say). This piqued my interested more, because city girl from the “206” wanted to show them how to fearlessly make it down (Seriously, I have nothing against the Eastside or 425, but we do have better restaurants, nightlife, and culture in general, ha ha). Ok, no more tangents. So, the last thing I heard was one woman saying she was afraid of falling, then, as if it were timed, I see Will rolling down, body twisting, but with his telemark skis still attached to his boot and in a stationary position. A scream accompanied the twisting, and since I had never heard the man scream before, I knew he must be in pain.

I rushed over to him. Surprisingly, after witnessing the fall the women must have developed some courage, because they immediately took off. We tried to move somewhere other than the center of the run, where we were, but Will couldn’t put any pressure on his left foot without excruciating pain at his ankle. I was going to ski down to summons the ski patrol, but I couldn’t leave the injured alone. It seemed like forever before anyone came our way, but eventually an older couple (a real ‘older’, looking in their 70’s) offered their help and alerted the patrol.
I followed as he was being transported to first aid, which had us cutting through snowboard jumps. I felt guilty as I enjoyed skiing along the sides of the jumps. At least I had the decency not to attempt any jumps while my husband wondered if he even has a left foot anymore.

First aid diagnosed it as an ankle fracture and insisted he seek immediate medical attention. The ER diagnosed as an ankle sprain. Ahhh, I was relieved, I am the queen of ankle sprains, not only do I know what to do with those, but he’d at least be limping in a week. Then the ER doctor called a few hours later, after the specialist’s review of the x-ray, they called it a fracture.

So a week has past. Will spent the weekend bedridden, except for our escape Saturday night for this yummy place with friends: WANN . Getting him to and from there was kind of an ordeal, but well worth it. Will got an aircast on it Monday and can put some slight pressure on it, although he’s still on crutches.

[picture here if I can manage to take a shot without him knowing]

And in some related news, I twisted my ankle on Sunday. Jealous of all the attention Will’s left ankle was getting, my left ankle decided to malfunction during a soccer game. It must be jealousy, because there was no other reason for it to twist. I didn’t have the ball, I wasn’t trying to get the ball, and I wasn’t even near a player. All I was doing was turning around and then…twist. But I had the final laugh because I just played on it anyway. It didn’t stop me at 10, so I’ll be damned if it stops me at…uh…25. Will it stop me at 40? I don’t think I’ll have any ligaments left at that point.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update Soon

I've been playing this part the past few days...

Because of this...

update soon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Boo to Boston: 'Pawt' two

I’m not a big football fan, in fact, by default I just root for the local, if any, team, or the last local team I know. With the Seahawks out, all that’s left to cheer for are the San Diego Chargers, my self-adopted childhood team (like when kids who have an abusive parent [the Raiders], a loser one [the Rams], or one that abandons them [Rams and Raiders] have to find a substitute parent to cling to). Though, I don’t want the Patriots to lose just because they are playing the closest thing I ever had to a local team. More importantly, I just want them out of Super Bowl contention. They broke some record, good for them. Now they need to go home to their frigid little city. So you don’t read my last statement the wrong way, I love Boston, but the last time I was there the high was 10 degrees, thus frigid was the lasting impression.

Anyway, back to my point, the Red Sox won the World Series and the Celtics have the best record in the NBA right now (Basketball is another sport I don’t care for and thus root local, so go Sonics, even though they pretty much suck). All this number 1 business for one city (technically the Patriots are in Foxborough, MA, but close enough) and small state is too much in my opinion. They already have a large concentration of the best and brightest scholars, why dominate the sports world too. Will calls it a Californian inferiority complex, but, call me a commie, I just think the good fortune should be spread.

If the Patriots do in fact win the next two games, then former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney should be feeling pretty bad if he doesn’t come out on top after Super Tuesday. He’ll be the only thing to recently come out of there a loser.

My pick for Super Bowl: Chargers or Giants
My pick for NBA whatever: Sonics
Hockey pick: Ducks
Professional sports teams v. Local sports: local
Democratic Pick: Kucinich
Democratic Pick with a Chance: Obama
Republican Pick: G-man Giuliani

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The not so Little Bro

Today was going to be the day I was going to post a picture of me and my brother somewhere touristy in Seattle...but it will have to wait My brother was supposed to be up here for a month long LSAT course, but his instructor quit at the last minute because he found out he has brain cancer, now the Rob has to take the class in California. I feel really bad for the guy, the teacher, but I also feel guilty for being upset at the guy for disrupting our plans. Hopefully I can still convince the boy, my brother, to at least apply to law school up here.

The good thing about him not coming up this winter is that at least when he does finally visit us the sun may be out and the temperature may be moderate, then I can lie and tell him it's like this all year round and he should consider moving up... ha ha, my evil plan may work after all.

The Robman: