Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stuff I Was Going to Post Before the Year Ended

Year in Review:
- I received my MA in linguistics in May. Now everyone wants to hire me.
- I got pharyngo-conjunctival fever, a nasty case of conjunctivitis, in August. I got it from my optometrist brother's kids. It surfaced while backpacking in the mountains. I was so weak and ill I thought I was going to die there.
- I moved to Seattle from Fresno in late August. I have assimilated to the coffehouse syndrome.
- I got a job in September.
- I got another job in September.
- I got another job in late October.
- I got another job in November.
- I lost a job in December.

- I regret not regretting my past regrets.
- I regret that I have been so out of touch with people the past two years. I hope everyone still remembers me.

- I usually make resolutions about one a week, which I then subsequently break, so a year-long one doesn't really have a chance with me. But, I'll try. My resolution is to make a new friend. Yeah, it sounds pretty cheesy, but I really haven't made a good one since I arrived in Seattle. You can count some of my students, but then if you do that I might get fired.

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