Thursday, February 02, 2006

I have SAD

I think I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but only a couple of the symptoms. I want to oversleep and I crave sugary foods. The former is a symptom I can deal with, giving into it ensures me a nice rest. I would prefer a world where we could sleep 16 hours, work 4 and leave the other 4 for leisure, but the lazy house cat took that one. The latter symptom worries me. I can't go a day without some type of sweet. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I usually crave it in that fattening form. Recently, to control my cravings, I bought a bag of bite sized candy bars. A whole candy bar is much too fattening, but 1 bite sized version is okay. Unfortunately, I realized that I do not have the self control to eat 1 piece. I don't even have the self control to eat 5 pieces (1 saturated fat filled serving). If I buy a whole bar, I'll eat the whole bar; If I buy a whole bag, I'll eat the whole bag. I have become an absolute pig when it comes to sweets, and they aren't even all that good. I'd much rather gorge myself on gelato or premium European chocolates, than that crap Hershey's and M&M/Mars markets. Yet, I eat is anyway. What is worse is I tried the "bag therapy" three times! This last time (which was today), I gave my bag to a homeless guy. Of course, that was after I devoured every Milky Way Dark and 3 Musketeers (it was the variety pack).

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David said...

From the diary of "Bill the Doorway Sleeper." - Goldarnit! This is the pits! Some chick just handed me a bag of chocs, an' I thought she was mighty nice. Till I descovered she'd gone an' eaten all them Milky Way pieces out first! Hang it all!