Friday, July 13, 2007


After 2 weeks of not working and a honeymoon, I am beyond lazy. I can’t even believe I managed to write a sentence or two. While my honeymoon consisted of a lot of physical exertion (It’s not the exertion you are thinking of, I do maintain some class on this blog. We were backpacking), there was little mental. Now I’m having trouble accessing my cognitive functions, as they liked the break as well. Oh well, I'll find them soon.

So in the tradition of laziness, here are a couple pics from the actual laid-back (that wasn’t so laid-back, story and more pics to follow sometime) courthouse wedding. I am too lazy to get the ones off our camera, so I am using ones my friend sent me. Also, were are not taking our wedding pictures until our November party, I've left the professional stuff to my talented friend Summer, so they are all pretty amateur until then. In the meantime don't be surprised if you see poorly doctored up versions. Doctoring there will be.

Do you want to play 'Let's get Married'?



Seethaler Family Blog said...

Beautiful dreamer wake unto me... La La La La, Oh... was I writing this.
*snickers* So hope you had a wonderful to weeks. You look so pretty!

Erin said...

Hey Lady,
First off, congrats!! I can't believe you tied the knot. I need to see those amateur photos stat!! Can't wait to see you both in August; you best be coming. Holla!

Sariah said...

I have to agree with Erin, more amateur photos stat! Honeymoon backpacking ones too! Not the other kind! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are you coming to Sam's shindig? If so are your bringing Will? I just got back from vacation... I soooooooo need to call your.... I haven't forgotten.... Love Ya!!