Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sorry, I've been a loser of late. I hope to provide more life to this blog soon. In the meantime, below is some new life. I am officially and aunt X 12!

Brother Brian and Sister in law Emily's 3rd, Aubry:

Brother Carl and Sister in law Lora's 7th (I stole this from her blog), Cora LeAnn (I dig the middle name):


Cole said...

Jeez!! Carl's got seven kids now??!! I really must get in touch with Brian. Shame on me; I'm not very good at the ol' "staying in touch with friends I've known for a billion years" thing...

Are him and Emily still living at your folks?


Carrie said...

Yes, their family can now field a baseball team.

No, Brian and Em are living in Utah. They were with the parents for about 6 months, so I think they've been there since 2006. Shame on you! J/K.

Sariah said...

LOVE all the PICTURES!!! You have been away for so long I (for a split second) thought Aubry was yours and Wills!! HA! (You really need to get on that! ;-))

Oh, and your sis in law Emily is GORGEOUS!!! I can't believe she has mothered 7 kids and looks so fabulous!