Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not a Soccer Pic

Luckily I didn't get the silly notion to resolve to blog more, so the pressure is off. I am hoping, however, to improve my rate from last year and to beat 2007's and to include substance as opposed to what seems like substance abuse. So here is something pretty:

[The two LeAnn's (for a middle name, that is) - Me and my niece]

I doubt anyone notices, but see those track pants I have on? Yep, I pretty much wear those all the time now. Look at my last Christmas post, two different days, same pants. They are just too comfortable and with my thighs fluctuating as a result of too much soccer, then too much food, then no soccer but still too much food, I can't be bothered to buy actual pants since I don't know what size I will be in a month. My point: just get used to the track pants. It'll be like Where's Waldo with the exception that my pants will be obvious.


Sariah said...

Why didn't I see this post before? What a cute little baby! You've got some cute nieces and nephews!

And no worries with the track pants! Those ROCK!! Oh, and I must say, you are looking mighty fine these days!

Anonymous said...

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