Monday, August 29, 2005

Seattle: Uncensored

I was going to wait until I had an awesome picture of Mt. Rainier before I wrote of my adventures in Seattle, but when I hiked to Noble Knob, a knob that gives a spectacular view, the volcano was covered by clouds. I'll post a picture at some point. Here is a summary of my adventures thus far...Fasten your seat belts:

Friday, August 19 - Arrived around 3:00 am. Don't remember much beyond that. I think the movers got here sometime in the afternoon. After everything was moved in the man and I headed to his pub "The Fiddler."

Saturday, August 20 - Woke up surrounded by boxes to unpack. I think I unpacked a few things. The man worked on fixing his tandem. An essential part was missing. Much cussing from the garage.

Sunday, August 21 - Made cookies for the neighbors to avoid unpacking. Went on a bike ride with the tandem on the Burke-Gilman bike trail. The trail, which runs along Lake Washington, supposedly runs from Redmond to UW. We went the UW direction. I shall post pictures of the trail as well at some point. Except for the houses right on the lake that can block the view, the area is beautiful. If I had an artistic mind I could give a description that would take you from your bleak world to this terrestrial glory, but I don't; It's got a lot of greenery and a big blue lake.

Monday - I know I did something to put off unpacking, but I can't remember.

Okay, I see that this is boring you. My week and a half in Seattle has been great. The temperature hasn't risen above 80 degrees. Natural food stores and farmers markets are ubiquitous. The second hand clothes stores are actually stylish (Carrie's a little on the poor side). And, did somebody say ethnic food? Carrie's going to have run a bit more to make up for all the restaurants she going to try. Next week the man and I are going to Bumbershoot, a 3 or 4 day festival with tons of bands, so I'll have more exciting things to write of then.

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