Thursday, October 19, 2006

My First Accident

I got into a car accident today. I don’t know if you can call it a car accident, no one else was involved except for me and a guardrail. It was raining and I was getting off at an exit I don’t normally take. I was going about 30 (I really don’t how fast I was going, that’s part of my general driving problem) and had to turn around a sharp curve. I couldn’t make it at 30 so I tried to slow down, but instead of slowing I hydroplaned into the guardrail, totaling the front left side of my car. I was shaken, but I thought the damage was only cosmetic, so I pulled over to the side the best I could and called my boyfriend.

As I was recounting the accident I began smelling an odd fume. I thought it might be a leak so I wasn’t concerned. I hung up with by boyfriend and began calling AAA for a tow. That was when I noticed the smoke rising from the hood. I rushed out of my car and then saw the accompanying flames. My car was on fire!!! I don’t know cars very well, so I don’t even know what part of what under the hood is prone to fires. Whatever it is I successfully ignited it. I called 911, but before any emergency service arrived a trucker spotted the fire, and quickly extinguished it.

Had the story ended there I could have escaped with a questionably totaled car. But, my call brought the troops out. The fire department was very helpful in disabling the stuff (I told you I don’t know cars) that needed to be disabled to prevent further damage, and the police were nice for a little while. They asked me to detail the incident; they then told me not to feel so bad because it has happened a lot there (hmmm). Well, after I took their advice and decided not to “feel so bad” they tried to console me even further with a traffic ticket. What!!? I didn’t cause any damage to the guardrail (at least I don’t think I did). They wrote me up for going “too fast for the conditions.” So now I may be out of the car I bought only 4 months ago, and my insurance is going to be outrageous for the next 3 years.

I don’t want to end on such a negative note. So here is a lollipop smiley for you:

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ir6_6am said... so so so sorry to hear that... it shocked me...well im still so shocked... were you ok? your body? do you have any pain? im sorry that you had to go through alone until a track driver came to rescue you... : [ im sure you were so panic... it makes me so mad that the police gave you a ticket...i just don't get it... they just wanted money or needed something to blame... im sure you are trying to forget about i won't talk about this anymore, but let me know if you are okay.