Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crappy Post

If you are wondering where I disappeared to, and I know you are, I am currently obsessed with program I am writing for my C++ class. If you didn't know already, Microsoft has gotten the better of me and I want to enter the tech field. I'm starting late in the game, but luckily there such a thing as a Computational Linguist. I'm working on earning the former title, but I first need to learn a thing or two about programming. If you're by chance a techie and are laughing at my choice of language to start from, C++ was all that was offered at the introductory level. Next one, C#. Ha, ha. That is for you anti-Microsoft techies (yeah, I know I sent a TCM on them a while back, but I had a change of heart). Actually, though I'll probably try Java next. I need a language I can actually use. So, the program is due Thursday and I'm confident I'll spend every hour I have available to make it work better.

OCD + Programming = Bye Bye normal Carrie


Cole, the Taylor said...


First, you abandoned your seat on the GOPmobile, and now your squeezing your feet into a pair of tech shoes?? Goodness!! Just don't give up on Duran Duran or Depeche Mode. That's where I'd have to draw the line.

I'm trying to scrape together a few contiguous days off, intent on making a roadtrip up to WA, so you can show me around your fair city, and so that you can see how much older I look. Some people begin to look more distinguished when they get older; not me. I'm starting to look like a crosseyed version of Eric Clapton.

Well... guess it makes sense; I can play the guitar.

Carrie said...

DD and DM are still on the favorite list.

The GOPmobile has about 3 blown out tires.