Monday, April 23, 2007

I Live in a One Dimensional World

I’m distracted again and I’m finally working on a program that I absolutely hate. Usually when I get a programming assignment I start right away, then I make a million changes to it to make it more optimal because I’m an obsessed freak (but that’s another post). This most recent program is dealing with graphics; I have to create some shapes, along with a user interface to interact with them.
The problem is I can’t create graphics. I have no spatial knowledge and I’m thinking I’m well past the age I should have acquired it. When I hear about a Cartesian plane, I ask if they fly to California.
To see my spatial skills in action, you should watch me parallel park, that is, if I don’t run you over, just don’t think you’re safe on the curb.

Here’s the much awaited pic of my boyfriend:

Ha, Ha. Give me a few weeks and I think I’ll have more detailed pic of him up here. There is a reason why there is no trace of him on here (minus a link to a page of his. Ooh, I said too much already), including even mentioning his name, but I can’t go into it. We’re both hoping it will be a non issue soon.


Sariah said...

Well, aren't you the clever one! Nice picture! That picture was real abstract of you...taking that picture the way you did. Yes, indeed we now have a picture, but will he catch his shadow? (Ok, I have been watching too much Peter Pan with the kids!) Hope all works its self out! Love ya!

Carrie said...

That's pretty deep. I need me some Peter Pan.

I wish I could take credit for the photo. Da Man actually took it on one of his solo week long backpacking trips. I guess he got a little bored.