Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, by popular (popular = any number greater than 0) demand I am posting some recent pictures of myself. Here are some pics that were taken at Gas Works Park in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

The park was just one of the destinations on our tandem ride, but it was the only time the sun was out when we stopped. That's what I love about this city. It was cold and rainy when we began our ride, and once my face had thawed out, I swore to the man that I would never ride in such weather again. Then, 20 minutes later I'm having to squint in a photo because my sunglasses are off. NOTE: Click on the picture for a closer view. You can actually see the holes in my shirt. There are so many yuppie riders that I'm all about the bum look when I ride.

Lake Union and parts of downtown Seattle in the background

I was trying to do a cool pose, but it obviously didn't work out

If you do a close up you can actually see my squinting face. Anyway, here is the famous
tandem, a full view of the downtown skyline, and my backpack down below. I'm also
wearing a rainbow ankle strap, but I'm neither a lesbian or member of the rainbow
coalition. Note to self: buy new strap.

Sorry, those aren't the best pics, but, it's all about working your way up, right? In the next ones I post you shall see my hair. Actually, I'm thinking about dyeing it again after a 2 year hair dye drought. So I'll show you my recent, almost natural color, and let you decide.


Sariah said...

Ah, Carrie I love it!! One, I love that you ride a tandem, and Two, I love that you are still looking like the succulent woman I last saw you as. My, you don't age a bit do you?!?! So envious! Now time for a pic of your hunk-of-a burnin' love and you together!

Oh, and I somewhat loved the Seattle background...;0)

Trish said...

Hey girl.. Sarah's right... you haven't changed much. I need new pics of me. I recently went strawberry blonde. Looks nice, I don't look like my mom any more. hehe

p.s. Your not the only one sporting holy shirts.