Sunday, June 17, 2007

Freedom at Last

I have finally completed my quarter from hell! I must say, I’ve never spent so much time on one
course, and still not get an A. Yes, despite my good efforts I don’t think an A is in the future. I turned in all but two fully functional programs, with the incomplete two missing a few specifications here and there. I could go into it but I’m sure I would bore you if I haven’t already, but just imagine if you had a computer game and it only ran once. One try and that is all you get. Yep, that was my program.

While this certainly won’t be the most difficult class I will have had to take on my road towards geekdom, this class will be the largest leap. The course is designed to weed out programmers from non programmers. When I couldn’t fully complete my third and fourth assignment, I feared there would be a hoe in the horizon. I would have to quit programming and begin a life of prostitution. Oh wait, I was being metaphorical, I thought I was a weed and feared the garden hoe, but I was reassured of my floral status on subsequent programs.

I know to most people in this course, passing was not a big deal. To me, however, it was a much needed boost in confidence. I gave up some dreams when I decided to pursue computatonal linquistics (misspelled on purpose), and I knew, coming so late into the game, I would probably never be a stellar programmer. I like to excel and stand out, and I chose a path that will make that difficult. I wasn’t the best in this course, but I’m happy I was among the survivors. Now just remind me to delete this post when I start looking for jobs. Because I, Allison Johansson from Detroit, Michigan don’t need this coming back to bite me.

There was some unfortunate fallout from this course. 1. I gained a pant size. Well not quite, but I’m bursting in them. My lean muscle mass has decreased and I’m gaining weight. Yes, you may blame my love of ice cream, chocolate, and cheese on it too, but I’ve been eating that crap for years. While I was taking this course I barely worked out and spent most of my non paid time in front of the computer. I need my exercise to maintain my junk food lifestyle. 2. My friends got married in February and I still haven’t sent them their wedding gift. 3. I am addicted to the worst form of caffeine: coffee. Sodas couldn’t quite deliver, and tea was just too healthy. Coffee transforms me into a nervous freak, but it does wonders to me in the idea generation department. 4. I decide to get married in early July. I figured any date after this course was over was plenty of time. It’s less than 3 weeks away, what was I thinking! My apologies in advance if the party consists of a bunch of pizza, but hey, everyone loves pizza right?

Pictures accompanying this post were provided by the Will man.


T. said...

K, I admit it, you were right, I was wrong. Sam's wedding is in November. But it is in Sacramento. Mary Ann is handing out invites, I should give her your's and your parents address. Except I don't have your current address. Did Will take those beautiful pics? I really enjoyed last years calendar.

Good luck with you school career. Sounds, uhh, intriguing. What is your Wedding date? What do you want for a gift? Are you ever going to go back to church? Well, tell Will I said Hi. Later T.

Tired Carrie said...


July 5.

Check REI gift registry.

Maybe, I want some cookies delivered to me first. I'm inactive damn it, I want my homemade cookies! Seriously, I don't know; my road to inactivity is a complex story. I'll post it if you want and you can use it for a RS or VT lesson.

T. said...

Hey, email me your adress. I can't send you anything without it....

You might find some homemade cookies with an invite to come back to church...

Sariah said...

Congrats on finishing up this past quarter! Glad it was you and not me! So, when will you be done? Or is this your profession? ;0)

Those pics are breathtaking! I just assumed you grabbed them from a google search or something! Will has got some serious skills! What type of camera does he use? I would like to get a nice one and take real pictures.

Good thing "T" asked about your gift registry, b.c I almost asked an old friend from "British" Guyana if she could make a DVD on how to get a great sleep without moving a muscle or undoing your side "tucks". (Please tell me you remember what I'm talking about or I'll just feel like an idiot!) I still plan on crashing your reception party on the 7th unless I hear otherwise....I do need specifics however. Add me to your list of emails to send out.

Oh, and please do post your inactive complex story. I have yet to hear a really complex one yet. I am in the RS presidency you know. I'm sure it all started by in your first years of college 12 or 13 years ago with a roommate you had that always tried to convince you it was more fun to stay home, eat pizza rolls and watch Star Wars...what a nerd she was!

Sariah said...

P.S. Did I miss the June niece/nephew post? I need to see some more cuties!

T. said...

Hey Sariah, I am in the R.S. presidency too!

Sariah said...

Word to your mother, "T"! Please tell me you are over Enrichment (ugh!) and can feel my pain. Not the most fun thing I have ever done.

Carrie said...

I'll never be done :)

Some type of Sony one. It has high resolution, I think that helps(??). I am sooo camera stupid. I'll have him bring it, but it's not all fancy.

I totally remembered your reference, ha ha. How the heck did she sleep like that?

We are currently vacillating between the 7th or just after the wedding on the 5th. I think we'll know by tomorrow and I'll send you an Evite. Yeah, real classy Carrie. Hey, do you remember the stations Classy and Cozy?

No that roommate of mine did not lead me in anyway astray, even though we didn't always act "Christ-like" (Hopefully you remember that reference), but hey we were human. I will post my inactive story post wedding.

T. said...

Sariah, I lucked out, I am the Secretary. I am in a big ward with over 500 memeres. R.S. itself has 214 members and only half are active...