Sunday, June 10, 2007

Real Update

Okay, so finally the real update. I’m getting married on July 5!!! I’ve known since May 14 but have been super slow about getting the news out. So it’s high time I made it official on Torch Carrying Mob. If it’s not on the TCM, it’s just not news.

The wedding itself will be pretty low key. We didn’t even do any announcements. We’re just getting married in the courthouse, with my parents, a couple friend of ours (we were their witnesses), my cousin, and hopefully one of my brothers attending (the other two couldn’t make it with such short notice :-( ). I had the choice to delay the event and have a real wedding some time next year or just git hitched a.s.a.p., I picked the latter. Actually, I allowed both sides to argue their case, but only my practical side showed up. The fanciful and imaginative one must have been sleeping (…for past 30 years).

However, we are always up for a party, so we’re having two of them. Again, they won’t be big events, not even really a proper reception. The first one we are holding at our home that Saturday, July 7 (at least that’s the plan thus far) for friends here. The second one will be held months later in California for both his and my friends and family. The first one may include crazy, drunk guests, and the latter one will be sober. So, basically one for him one for me.

One quick blurb about how he proposed: He’s about as romantic as I am. He proposed to me while I was eating breakfast. I looked nasty, so he must love me. I had my morning hair do, and was wearing my super thick glass with the right lens missing, and my right eye closed. Sexy!

So who is this mystery man I am marrying? Yes, I’m finally putting a pic up! His name is Will Lewis, which I think totally cool, because I’m going to start going by C.W. Lewis, mistress of C.S. Lewis, j/k. The one and only reason I never mentioned his name or put his picture up was that he had not told some of his colleagues about our relationship. Oh wait, I better back up here. So he was a professor at a university in Fresno, which is the same one I attended, and somehow we met and fell in love…then he took a two year visiting professor position at some college here in Washington, but his real job still resided in Fresno. However upon his impending return to Fresno, the political turmoil within the department worsened (Long Live Formalism!) and the university made a move that caused Will to question his decision to go back. So, just to test the waters, he tried for an industry job and got it! It’s with some big tech company in Redmond, I hear they have some well known operating system. So, with that all taken care of we can officially out ourselves.

So here’s a pic from a few months ago. His expression is that of “what are you doing to my camera?” and is pretty much the same expression he has in all pics I take of him. Mainly because he takes awesome photos and I take bad ones. I’m serious, I’ll freely admit I’m crappy behind the camera. I’ll upload some of his pics in a later post.


Sariah said...

YES!!! This is so exciting! I'm really happy for you, Carrie! I really am. You deserve much happiness! Also, does this mean that I can come celebrate with you on the 7th? I will be in town you know...and I'm sure you wont want to be spending time with me during this time! I suppose I could come and crash your celebration with my uncoolness...that would make for a fun blog entry!
Will is a lucky man to have found you and earned your love! Love ya, Care-dawg!

SRD said...

Awww. Congratulations.

T. said...

Well, as you know... IT IS ABOUT TIME! Jeez, how long have you been with him now???? We need to plan a vacation together. It's been some time since we've seen each other. I think Will and Theron might hit it off. What do you think? Sam is getting married in August... You both should come to Sacramento then... We'll talk about it. Later

T. said...

By the way, Thank you Sariah for always being nice to Carrie. I tend to give her a hard time sometimes!! But, I am realy proud of her. ;>)

Carrie said...

Thanks guys/gals!

Sariah: You're so modest, you totally taught me cool, how could you not be cool? Yes, by all means crash it! Though I was hoping I would see you with less distractions on my end. Not that Will and I have a lot a friends in Seattle(on the contrary) but I'd want to talk to you most of the time, because I haven't seen you in forever and I want get to know your man and kids.

I know you are going to be extremely busy too, but I know I could find time for the S-dawg if you'll have some availability after the 7th (I don't know when you are going back).

Carrie said...

T: Yeah, you're a jerk, always pressuring me. J/K.

I thought Sam was marrying in Chino in November? Crap. I told my family to plan for November. I guess that means you need to fly to Cali in November.
When in August? I'm going to Philly for another friend's wedding around Aug 18.
Will and Theron, I dunno. Just don't talk politics.

So much for email, I'll just communicate via comments on my blog. It makes me look popular anyway.

Sariah said...

Well, I don't know what you have planned but we will be in WA from the 28th of this month 'til the 10th of July. SO, maybe we should exchange cell phone numbers via email and then try to come up with something that will work. Much of my time depends on when my brother comes back for R&R from Iraq. I'll email you later today!

Roxy said...

Hi, Carrie

Congrats! You'll have to post pictures so I can see you.