Monday, September 10, 2007


I held on to the wedding photos so long that I don’t like any of them (it's the makeup I can't get over). But I shall share a few with you anyway. Some may be replaced, like the one with my parents, so I’ll wait until November for that one.

To start, I almost didn’t make it to the “laid back” wedding (I think laid back only occurs when you elope). I had my nails and make-up done by my stylist on the Eastside in Kirkland. On a normal day that may spell disaster if I want to return to Seattle in a timely matter, since during the afternoon rush hour it usually looks like this -where black means you’re SOL:

It was the Independence day holiday weekend so I figured the roads would look more like this:

But, since weddings aren’t supposed to be relaxing and everything ran smoothly before that point, someone got into an accident on the westbound lane of the bridge, and the traffic situation looked more like picture 1, but worse. Reduced to one lane, it took me an hour and a half to get to Seattle. By then it was too late to go home, change into my wedding gear, get my rings, and find the number and name of the judge that was to marry us. I had to get to the courthouse as is and hope my parents and Will were able to not only take an inventory of what I needed, but to also find it....was everything found or did I get married in jeans and a dirty t-shirt???

Okay enough with the writing. Here are some pics.

What did we just do?

Sexy Sarah

Sexy Sariah

Makeshift Wedding cake

We had to dance at least once

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Sariah said...

Wow! I had no idea you had gone through all that leading up to your wedding! I would have never guessed as you so poised and stunningly beautiful at your reception!!
P.S...feel free to delete or replace the photo with me in it at anytime!!