Monday, September 10, 2007

The Big Anniversary

Get out the champagne or sparkling cider, because it’s celebration time! Not only was it the two year anniversary of my blog last month, but it was my two year anniversary of being in the great city of Seattle. Now it’s September, but great things have happened in September, so we can celebrate this month too. So what did I do to celebrate the anniversary…well, basically nothing. That’s why the time is now.

So I promised I would do something a little different. I didn’t say it would be cool or astonishing, just different. So the big difference is that I link to some old posts and a few new ones. Whoo hoo! I know you can just scroll down or hit the appropriate archive link to find them, but I’m just saving you the time. It’s the least I can do.

On the topic of celebrations you can view some wedding photos here. I took way too long to put these guys up so they are being relegated to a link on the main post. Also, honeymoon 1 is here.

Lastely, I will now finally answer the big question as to why “torch carrying mob” (TCM asks: Has anyone actually asked that? Carrie: That’s not really important).

I created the blog while taking a break from packing all of Will’s junk (yep, that’s right Will’s, not Carrie’s, she packed her stuff in no time. In all fairness, though, I did delay the whole ordeal a week by getting pharyngo-conjunctival fever, then passing it on to Will). Originally I think I named it Caredog’s Adventure and intended to keep a log of my departure and arrival in Seattle. I gave a final farewell to Fresno in my first post here and a summary of my first few days in Seattle here.

However, somewhere between Fresno and Seattle the image of a torch carrying mob came to mind. I believe it was after 12 hours of driving and a couple energy drinks. The image made me laugh because the kind I had in mind is the type from movies and television. The mob usually consists of local yahoos trying to run the person questioning their beliefs out of town (TCM asks: So you’re entertained by the thought of idiots with torches and pitchforks. Carrie: Yes, I’m easily amused.). Secondly, I wouldn’t mind having my own torch carrying mob, though the educated variety, to threaten real foes like ITT, or minor ones like the barista who failed to decaf the mocha I ordered around 8pm two weeks ago.

With that I was going to turn the blog into a vigilante-type sounding board, but it never took off. The name, however, still remains. Maybe someday…

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Sariah said...

Yeah!! It was fun to finally read about your Big Anniversary and read some of your old posts!