Sunday, March 23, 2008


Will and I are taking a brief vacation to the Long Beach Peninsula. Google, no don't google, perform a Live Search of it and you will see we are not going to California, which is what almost everyone thinks when we tell them where we are going. Now if I wrote my post on Chino I could have said something funny here, but as is my life, it's in the to-do queue. Though in brief, the only reason we'd head to Long Beach, CA is to join a gang or buy a gat.

So I may or may not post anything, since Will has something against vacations and computers, but I'll take some pictures.

While deleting photos, I found a dorky, unflattering picture of me (and Will's office) before my first soccer game last September. Enjoy!

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Sariah said...

Have fun on your vacation!! Get all rested up before the new job starts! I can't wait to see real pictures!! Love the soccer one! Very Carrie!