Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quickie Update Again

I was reading the comments in my last post, and you are right Sariah, updates are surely lacking. I only have time for a quickie (stinkin' students and their demands that I teach them, j/k). The big news is, I got the job! This will bring some stability to my ever changing schedule, but less vacation time. Although since my time off = not being paid for however long I am gone, I was more temporary unemployed as opposed to vacationing. I'll write more about the new job when I start working in April, because honestly, I don't know what I am really doing there. I hope they do!

I still plan on posting the 'missed-the-mark' defense of Chino and some pictures. Yeah, that's right, it's picture time!

Here is something totally unrelated. For some reason the exaggeration of poverty in this old cartoon has always made me laugh. I'm heartless.


Anonymous said...

I love this cartoon...

Sariah said...

"has always made me laugh." I can't believe you have watched this cartoon that many times! lol. I had never seen it before but it sure what funny!