Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My promise of more posts didn't quite pan out well, did it? This is attemt 37 for consistent posting: shorter posts. Less talk, more shock...oops...wrong audience. TCM: We get to the point.

Here is my post:


1. If you use instant messaging you need to use Windows Live Messenger? Yahoo Shmahoo, Skype is Tripe, and AIM is archiving your messages for later exposure. Done.

2. Now that you have all your contacts on Messenger, message away! But, wait, what about your friend in Mexico whose English is horrible (assuming your Spanish is just as bad). You'd love to message them, but oh what a headache that would be.

What's that T-Bot, you say you can help?

(My head head peeking in above)

Yes, that is right, T-bot will translate for you, no need to speak the same language! In the above example, I'm only conversing with T-bot ('cuz' no one else is up at this hour), but he can be added to any instant messaging conversation and will act as a translator. For a much better decscription of T-bot's utility check out this page MSR Team Blog, but before you do that T-bot has a message for you:

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Sariah said...

I'm liking the idea of being able to message anyone and have it translate for me...how do I get him? I'm confused!