Monday, December 08, 2008

More of the Same

It's December and I am not ready so I am posting more soccer pics because that is all really know how to do. We just played our last game of the season yesterday (photos not shown). I have no idea what I will do to stay fit in the meantime. My ankle has given out and the gym is way too boring these days. Poor me. Well, I may post something of relevance...someday

(These are high res photos, click on them if you want a closer view. I know you all want to see my sexy back.)

We were up by 5 so I tried my hand at goal. I gave up one (that photo not shown):

I got it:

Taking a goal kick with really bad form and not sure what's going on with my thigh:

Was bored in goal, had to get back out on the field:

I'm having soccer withdrawals already, better go eat some chocolate to make myself feel better.



Sariah said...

Yay! Some pictures of you playing soccer! Awesome! Love 'em, you are so buff!

I also loved seeing some of the scenery in the background. Made me a *little* homesick. Just for a second. I'm over it now!

I know what you can do in your spare time out those fingers and get a bloggin'!

Merry Christmas, my friend!

Carrie said...

Yeah, I'm a blogging loser. I think you are the only one that visits anymore. I'll fix that though, I'll make a resolution to blog more!

Anonymous said...

yes, start updating everybody, you got hurt and lost!

Carrie said...

Who is this??? I did not get hurt and lost, minus the broken rib, but we still didn't lose. We won our division, and I got hurt afterwards. GRRRRR!

Anonymous said...

don't you know who is the mysteryous anonymous poster? you haven't been lost to everybody for a while?

update people more frequently!!!

Sarah said...

Do you have teammates?