Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bush does something right

He must be doing something right if he has managed to get the religious conservatives angry at him (YAHOO! NEWS: Miers, the Iraq war and hurricanes prompt GOP to confront Bush).

I left the GOP in 2003 because I felt it had been hijacked by the "religious" wing of the party. With the Republican party no longer representing a substantial portion of my views, I became a librarian, oops, I mean libertarian, since the party seems consistently opposed to small government -unlike the GOP's big brother in the bedroom approach to social issues. Thus, I take great pleasure in the fact that conservative Christian whiners are now upset at their former front man.

If Bush's latest move causes a major rift within the party, I say it's a good thing. I hope the end result is a mass religious fanatic exodus from the Republican party. After that they can become the God party and damn us all to hell as part of their policy, because that is where we will end up if we don't agree with them anyway.

Unfortunately, such a split will probably weaken the GOP to fringe status and the Democrats will have total control. Our only hope is self destruction within that party as well, which will happen when misguided compassion finally surfaces and the environmental wing really takes on world overpopulation.

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