Friday, May 25, 2007

Dye, No Dye

Making this post made me sad. I saw myself age over the years and it prompted me to reflected upon the context in which each picture was taken, ahh the memories... Anyway, enough with the cheese I need some advice. I don't know if I should dye my hair again or just let it go natural. And, if I should dye, should I do highlights or the real deal?

Below are some photos of my hair at different times in my life, and each with a distinct hair color and style (or lack of one). Try to only pay attention to the hair. I'd love to have the youthful face in '99, but it ain't happening.

Here is my virgin hair in 1999, 2 years before I ever dyed it:

I first dyed my hair in 2001. My hairdresser said he only highlighted it, but when I came back to the states my other hairdresser said it was dyed completely, then highlighted. Here are two pics of it completely dyed in 2002 while I was living in Japan. I didn't cut the people out of the picture on the left, because they are just too sexy to cut out, especially my man in blue. Also you can see that my friend/roommate has the same hair color as me even though we don't have the same natural hair color, so our hairdresser was definitely doing some funky stuff.

Pictures of my grad school days are stuck on one of my broken computers, and all the pics my boyfriend has of me are with my hair up. I did manage to find a sent picture of me at my graduation. So this pic should represent 2003 - 2005. I had a great stylist at the time, so it's unfortunate this all I have to show. He actually divided his time between NYC and Fresno. Why anyone would want to devote any time to Fresno is beyond me, but I don't judge. He did a proper highlight

Here's the only pic I could find in 2006. Dye-wise I hadn't touched it since 2005. Looks like I haven't touched it with a hairbrush in a while either. I guess that's my natural stuff on top. This was a year ago.

Lastly, here are some current pics. I need a haircut too. You can get a closer shot if you click on them. Looking at the one on the left, it appears that I have a funky right eye (my right). I didn't know that and was a little disturbed. I hope it was just a camera trick. However if I do have a funky eye, why wasn't I informed? This isn't the first time I've been left in the dark about some physical defect. No one bothered to tell me for years that I had an odd gait. Although, now that I know, I still walk strangely. Anyway, so I provided another picture I took of myself in the mirror. What do you think? Be honest. Oh yeah, I'm talking about the funky eye not the hair.

So again, looking only at the hair and my skin tone, should I dye it?shave it completely? get a weave? leave it alone? See a shrink?

If I spammed you and asked you to comment about my hair on my blog, my apologies, but since you're here...


Sariah said...

Carrie, you still have your youthful beauty! I love it! Personally, I'm a brunette lover. I have gone the highlighted ways for a few years and always seem happier as a brunette, which is my natural color. I do like both on you, however I am leaning towards staying darker. It really looks HOT on you!
Oh, and I absolutely LOVE your hairstyle now! I wish my whacked out hair would do something like that...sadly, it doesn't and I'm forced to have short hair.
BTW, kudos on the hot babe of a bf! I'm so ready to see more pics!

T. said...

In mid July I will be in Utah for our vacation... you can plan your reception about the same time as Sam. I will be in Cali next in November. I will call you soon to get the nitty gritty. My cell phone battery is dying, and it won't keep a charge.... stupid technology!

Anyhoo, about your hair.... I have always liked you best in the darker colors. Lighter colors tend to wash your face out... know what I mean? Definately get highlights... it adds depth. I like the long hair though, you should keep it. I myself is tired of long hair and recently chopped it off... it's much better now.

By the way... your gate has always been a bit different... thought you knew... and I think I have always called you squinty ever since you got contact lenses... You'll always be Carrie, and that will never change!! :)

T. again... said...

You should ask Mandy for hair advice. Remember her from school? She is one of my friends on my space. See if you can pick her out... She's a professional Hairstylist and makeup artist now. She's real good. You should ask her opinion... She asked about you the other day... you should say hi.

Anonymous said...


Ok, being a hairdresser myself, i TOTALLY must say i like you darker i think. Maybe few lighter highlights would be good. But im liking you darker. The hair pix from your grad to current are my favorite! You rock girl!
Amy Livingston (your roomate from the "hood")

ecloherty said...

Who that sexy lady in the picture with the Japanese men... oh that's me:)
Okay, I like your hair the best in the grad school picture. I think you should do highlights and lowlights, I think that says you are mature but you are ready to have fun at the same time.
BTW, I totally think my hair is permanently f*&% up since Japan.

SRD said...

Your hair looks superhot like it is. :)

Carrie said...

Many Many Thanks for the feedback. It's about time I used my blog for the greater good.
I was hoping I would find a prevailing opinion, but it looks like I should keep what I have. Although, some of you did say highlights....Ahhh! I can't decide. Maybe I'll let the lone male, super cool srd decide. I'd ask my hairdre$$er, but I'm sure she'd say yes. No offense to you Amy, aka, Lola Babola.