Monday, May 14, 2007

Friday Night "Fun"

Hey Sariah and other interested parties I have a real story for you. No Seattle Grace interns though. When I ask people how to get there they always direct me to the psychiatric hospital.

So let's start the story on Friday night/Saturday morning at 2:00 am. There was much excitement before then, but not relevant to the current story. Though, some relevant background info is that my boyfriend was out of town, and I was a designated driver amongst many drunks (sorry to my drunk friends that evening, but I'm calling you drunks for dramatic effect). Somehow, however, I didn't take home a single drunk at 2:00 am, instead I got the one stoned guy and that is where the story begins:

Actually we don’t even need to start the story from where I took him home, we can start it in the parking lot of his apartment (my memory isn't all the good anymore, so the conversation is only meant to represent the gist, I don't know what was all said):

Boy: So you wanna come up?
Carrie: Hmm…no I'm kind of tired.
Boy: You can just stay here. Just park right here.
Carrie: (not planning on staying, but park there).
[Next Day Carrie says: Why did you do that?]
Boy: So are you going to come up?
Carrie: That’s probably not a good idea. I'm in a relationship.
Boy: I don’t have any social skills so I don’t know what to do right now.
Carrie: (avoiding his last statement, and wondering why he didn’t exit at that point) Too bad you came when you did, you missed all the fun the first 4 hours…(some mindless chatter, still doesn't leave my car, so I ask his age)?
Boy: 23
Carrie: Wow. You look older. I think it's the mustache.
Boy: There's a lady on the bus that has a mustache going. I wonder what it's like to have something like that and know people are looking at you.
Carrie: Maybe she doesn't know. I don't like it when I get a pimple because I know everyone looks at it, even when they don't want to. I do the same…(more chatter, I wonder if he will ever leave, I talk about California somewhere)
Boy: So what brought you up here?
Carrie: I followed my boyfriend up.
Boy: I don't have very good social skills.
Carrie: Yeah, I know how it is. I work with geeks all the time.
Boy: So you wanna come up?
Carrie: I need to feed my cat. He hasn't eaten all day.
Boy: Well here is my number.
Carrie: Thanks.
[Next Day Carrie says: Why didn’t you just tell him to leave in the first place? Being polite is not always a good thing.]
[Previous Day Carrie says: There was a good explanation for my actions, I just can’t explain it. ]

Okay, that really wasn’t a story at all. Just a snippet of a real conversation that was very odd. I got lazy.

NOTE: In case the guy in the conversation happens to check the blog, no offense or anything, but you must admit you were being pretty weird. Also, here's a social tip with chicks: Don’t tell them you don’t have social skills even if it's true. In fact, it's probably not the best strategy to point out all your flaws. Honesty is good and all, but let others figure out your weak points.


Sariah said...

I'm honored that you would give me a shout out in your post! You see, I don't have very good social skills. I'll take whatever interaction and peer notice I can get! ;)

Care-dawg...that was one hell of a weekend wasn't it!?! I laughed! Sorry. I hate getting into awkward situations like that. My advice is, the next time you find yourself in the car chauffeuring a stone guy, never park the car, tell him your cat hasn't eaten all day and then say good-bye!

Oh, and if that doesn't work, put a little Ace of Base in your CD player. That's a sure fire way to get 'em out! Or attract girls from, yeah...

Trish said...

lmao.. hehe You always seem to attract the winners!! Would've been interesting to see what might have happened if you "came up". You don't have to go into his place.... just walk him to the door. hehehehe too bad I wasn't there...

Carrie said...

Sariah: ha, ha. You mean Ath(rhymes with ace) of Bath(rhymes with base). (Ok, I totally shouldn't make fun of the lisp as a linguist, but whatever, I'm back to 18 year old-Carrie, and it was funny damn it!). I hear they play their tunes in Iraq as a peaceful alternative to dropping bombs. I'd rather be bombed.

Trish: I don't think even he would know what to do if I did come up. You know how socially clueless those engineering geeks are ;)

SRD said...

Well, that's what you get when you hang out with weirdos. You live in Seattle for crying out loud. What do you expect. :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you don't get those kind here in Arkansas!

Carrie said...

That's because they keep all that picking up on and dating business in the family in Arkansas!