Monday, May 21, 2007

The Next Ramones?

This will probably only make sense to a select few of you, but below is a (enter any adjective you see fit) punk rendition of a primary favorite. This apparently was for a ward talent show. I feel so cool to know the bassist, my eldest brother. I don’t think I need to point him out if you read my post about his twins. This is also the same brother who’s an optometrist. With the latter information, that may make him difficult to find, but yeah, this is the same guy who checks out your eyes.

The name of the band is Advancing Reverence, so the attempted mosh among the primary children in their encore performance makes total sense. It’s difficult to see, but in the very far left corner you can sometimes see my eldest black-haired nephew in a blue shirt “fighting” with a blond, red-shirted boy. This sure beats pounding the seats after each line like we used to:


Trish said...

Interesting version of BOM Stories. I like though... I forgot that Carl played. The band is pretty good. I couldn't see your nephew though...

Sariah said...

This so totally rocks! I wish our ward was as cool as theirs. Do they have a tour coming to Texas?

I did see your nephew! He's been to a real mosh fest hasn't he!?! He looked like he's had some real practice! I bet your brother brings him to all his gigs to get the pit started! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it!