Monday, January 14, 2008

Boo to Boston: 'Pawt' two

I’m not a big football fan, in fact, by default I just root for the local, if any, team, or the last local team I know. With the Seahawks out, all that’s left to cheer for are the San Diego Chargers, my self-adopted childhood team (like when kids who have an abusive parent [the Raiders], a loser one [the Rams], or one that abandons them [Rams and Raiders] have to find a substitute parent to cling to). Though, I don’t want the Patriots to lose just because they are playing the closest thing I ever had to a local team. More importantly, I just want them out of Super Bowl contention. They broke some record, good for them. Now they need to go home to their frigid little city. So you don’t read my last statement the wrong way, I love Boston, but the last time I was there the high was 10 degrees, thus frigid was the lasting impression.

Anyway, back to my point, the Red Sox won the World Series and the Celtics have the best record in the NBA right now (Basketball is another sport I don’t care for and thus root local, so go Sonics, even though they pretty much suck). All this number 1 business for one city (technically the Patriots are in Foxborough, MA, but close enough) and small state is too much in my opinion. They already have a large concentration of the best and brightest scholars, why dominate the sports world too. Will calls it a Californian inferiority complex, but, call me a commie, I just think the good fortune should be spread.

If the Patriots do in fact win the next two games, then former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney should be feeling pretty bad if he doesn’t come out on top after Super Tuesday. He’ll be the only thing to recently come out of there a loser.

My pick for Super Bowl: Chargers or Giants
My pick for NBA whatever: Sonics
Hockey pick: Ducks
Professional sports teams v. Local sports: local
Democratic Pick: Kucinich
Democratic Pick with a Chance: Obama
Republican Pick: G-man Giuliani


Sariah said...

I don't know what to say... especially since Dallas lost this weekend. I really don't have a reason to follow the sport now. I had to laugh at the Mitt loser thing though. I was thinking the same thing and then you said it!


SRD said...