Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The not so Little Bro

Today was going to be the day I was going to post a picture of me and my brother somewhere touristy in Seattle...but it will have to wait My brother was supposed to be up here for a month long LSAT course, but his instructor quit at the last minute because he found out he has brain cancer, now the Rob has to take the class in California. I feel really bad for the guy, the teacher, but I also feel guilty for being upset at the guy for disrupting our plans. Hopefully I can still convince the boy, my brother, to at least apply to law school up here.

The good thing about him not coming up this winter is that at least when he does finally visit us the sun may be out and the temperature may be moderate, then I can lie and tell him it's like this all year round and he should consider moving up... ha ha, my evil plan may work after all.

The Robman:


Sariah said...

That's ROBBIE?!?!?! What happened to the little boy I remember from pictures while in "the place that shall not be named"?!?! I guess it HAS been like 13 years! lol. Dang I'm getting old. Too bad too. I would have loved to have my sister "show him around". lol.

Oh, and how did you get that cute sad action face on your blog? I must know.

Carrie said...

Yeah, thats the same boy who ran around naked in our backyard so he could simulate life in Africa.

I'm glad you mentioned your sister, because I'm betting Robbie didn't email the contacts I gave him to tell him he wasn't coming...note to self: send some emails

I got the face at, it has a lot of cool smilies, just click on the number you want and it will give you the html code you need. Check out #5472

T. said...

huh... he reminds me of Uncle Wendall... do you see it? What happened to the little annoying brother that we teased and called 'slobs'? Why isn't he married yet????