Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quickie Update

Will is still hobbling along and now he is sick, with a 101+ temp. Nurse Carrie contract has been extended indefinitely. Jan 2008 will not be forgotten.

My ankle is doing better. I joined an indoor soccer league to supplement my outdoor adventures. Will post pics of various bruises as they occur. Right now I have two big toes without toenails. My apologies if you were eating while reading this.

I was temporarily relived of my nurse duties last weekend for a weekend of skiing in Tahoe! Yes, I left the patient to enjoy the same activity that crippled him. But, I made the plans much earlier and it was to see the Sarah and clan. That should be reason enough. Anyway, the snow was excellent (not quite the powder of Utah, but the best I've seen since I left that state), and because it was Sarah's first time skiing, I have a great story to tell. Something about a beginner on an intermediate slope, a rescue dog, and a snowmobile.

And as always, here is the usual unfulfilled promise of new pics:


Sariah said...

Thanks for the pictures! As always, they speak a thousand words!
We want to hear the great story with Sarah! I could use a little comedy right now!
I'm sorry Will is extending his nursing needs. Hope he gets well soon!

Sariah said...

Like your new layout! Can't wait to see the finish product. I'm sure it will include real pictures! ;-)