Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Votes are In

Thank you to the 7 voters who went against my vote, "proofread before posting", and voted that I add more personal, real life photos to the blog. There are no super delegates to throw your vote away, so pictures there will be! I have a few posts that I hope to write this week month (updated 2-25), here are the titles:

1. "Chino (my hometown) has made national news!" (and in some related news, stay away from beef for a while)

2. "Clinton out, Obama in" or "Say 'bye, bye' Baby Boomers"

3. Some article to fit whatever picture I take

Until that time enjoy Hoppy and Choppy (frog and tiger, respectively) below. Sadly Hoppy is living on his own these days as Choppy got a new owner at Microsoft today.


Seethaler Family Blog said...

So...What happened in Chino? I didn't hear the news. :(

Sariah said...

I didn't hear the news about Chino either! What is with all yer beef? I love me some Chino cows! You must share the deets!
Nice video. Thanks for the entertainment.