Monday, February 25, 2008


My very own Will, and local delegate for Obama, made the opinion section of the 2/26 Christian Science Monitor. Although our politics don’t always agree, I agree with every word he says here:

Superdelegates' damaging potential

Regarding the Feb. 20 article, "Backlash to superdelegates' role in picking nominee": I think it's important to recognize Barack Obama's strong support among young people, especially among 18- to 30-year-olds, and the fact that this constituency is turning out in record numbers to caucus and vote.

Should Senator Obama succeed in getting the majority of "regular" delegates, which looks increasingly likely, but have his nomination "overturned" at the convention by superdelegates' votes, the Democratic Party could conceivably be damaged for a generation. His disaffected young supporters may seek to throw their support elsewhere (that is, to some other party), or worse, leave politics altogether.

I think the superdelegates, being party leaders and officeholders, should carefully think about the long-term consequences of their respective decisions.

Personally, I think I may throw my support for Obama as well. Since the Republican nominee was already determined by the time it was our turn to vote, I voted in the Washington State Democratic Caucus and was one of the many that helped Obama win this state. While it’s true his words most of the time lack substance, and I’m not a fan of his economic and some social views, if he really can deliver positive ‘change’ (measured by economic growth and improved foreign relations) then I won’t regret my choice. I can’t say the same for my 2000 decision.

I’m not a Republican anymore, but I still lean right. Here are some other righties behind Obama.

Ike’s granddaughter, Susan Eisenhower, supporting Obama

Republicans for Obama

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Sariah said...

I agree with Will 100%! I expressed with written word so eloquently what I have been saying around here. I'm not sure where I belong in this party mess. I used to be true blue republican, but I've lost hope with the party and have found that I line up more with democrats. However, I can't be totally democrat either, b.c I have problems with some big issues. So, I think I'm currently without party. I am however, all about getting someone that hasn't been corrupted by lobbyists or puffed up. I do agree that Obamas talk does lack substance, so much it's almost funny. I'm still gonna vote for him...not that it will make much difference in Texas.