Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some Ramblings while TCM is being remodeled

I’m backing Obama!

I’ve accepted that the 2008 Presidential Primary will not produce a candidate I’d want for president. Even when I supported Giuliani, I had to ignore his ethics and just focus on his ability to win, which was artificially inflated. Now all that’s really left are McCain the warmonger; Romney the flip flopping panderer; Huckabee, whose supporters represent the reason I left the GOP; Clinton the lobbyist dream come true; and Obama whose answer to everything are the empty phrases, ‘change’ and ‘hope’. Ron Paul, the only GOP candidate for true limited government, is not in my dump list because I like the guy, but he doesn’t have a chance and his supporters could use some meds.
I’m being petty here, but I do have sound, logical reasons why I’m hoping for an Independent to emerge from the circus. Betting that that won’t happen, I’ve figured out how I’ll vote assuming the following combinations given the Repulican frontrunner McCain wins the GOP's nod:

McCain/good vice v. Obama/good vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Obama/good vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Obama/bad vice

McCain/good vice v. Clinton/good or bad vice

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Clinton/good vice
Get drugged up then vote Clinton

McCain/Huckabee or another bad vice v. Clinton/bad vice
Get drugged up for four years

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Sariah said...

I'm with ya on this one! Geez! This may be the first presidental voting year I don't vote! (in what little years I have had!) All I know are my ABC's (Anyone But Clinton). However, any ticket with Huckabee or McCain on it...I don't know. Obama is the only one that my view line up the most with. Not all, nor the important one, but better than my other GOP cohorts. What it comes down to though, I'm losing faith in my GOP and this years elections I can't even choose the "lesser of two evils!" That's not good!
I have been waiting for another of your polictical rants! I love them! They remind me of a different time...a younger Carrie I used to room with! Love ya girl!