Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry for low quality photo, but it's the best I could get with my phone (the camera, along with the Will, are in another continent at the current time).

Now if you can direct your attention to the white blur in the photo, that would be snow, and that would be yesterday, April 18. I did in fact speak too soon. We are still waiting for spring.


Christopher said...

Since I'm on your blog anyway, I've decided to just comment on everything. You know this picture looks like it could be turned upside down and used in a later post about shrubs or something. I know how you Washingtonians are all about recyling. You should reuse this picture upside down and see if anyone notices.

Sariah said...

I can not for the life of my believe you have snow!! I mean, first of all, it rarely does snow there, and then it does in the middle of April?!?! Better you than me!! We were sunbathing in the high 80's and eating popsicles yesterday! I think you need to come for a visit!

Livingston said...

I now what you mean! Utha is bo worse. Miss ya!
Amy Livingston