Thursday, April 03, 2008


Update: I wrote this on the day listed above but did not post it until 4/12, because I don't like the cold. I wanted to post a picture of the kitty, Kitty, but the wireless didn't have enough 'umph' to upload the large file. My options were to post sans pic or go downstairs to the frigid, dark basement (where Will also kindly set up my office!?) and connect directly to the stronger cable. I chose option 3. In a related note, spring may have finally arrived in Seattle.

Old News:
I've started my new job and I am still teaching. Luckily, I'm not in school this quarter or else I'd probably be too tired to tell you I am tired. Informative posts are on their way. Here is the preview:

Our brief vacation in hicksville (not bad, really)
Chino post (I'm still going to write it even if no one cares)
You decide what I write about! (I'm thinking I'll probably pretend someone suggested a topic)

For your pleasure, here is a picture of my poor kitty, who is also named Kitty. I'm a bad mother, I abandoned Kitty for a man and now I make my parents take care of her. Actually the real story is that she lived the life of luxury in Chino (in her picture she is on her futon/bed, what cat has a real bed?) and she was living the hood life in Fresno. She loves hunting, but in Fresno I couldn't let her out of my apartment because of the animals that weren't properly trained. And that includes some high ranking, top of the food chain members of kingdom Animalia, if you know what I mean. So after a semester, I returned her to my parents where she could roam free again. Unfortunately, I never introduced her to my then boyfriend Will's cat Donny. So when it came time to move to Seattle, I didn't want to risk taking her along and finding out the two cats didn't like each other. Sadly, I left her in California. I am sure writing a lot for being tired, so here we go...


Anonymous said...

amazing, I beat Sarah again! don't sing victory so soon against the cold... now is better, but snow is coming next weekend...

Carrie said...

Sarah wanted me to correct the mystery man, anon, who is not such a mystery based on his Angels comment. Sarah has yet to comment the blog, even though I cry at night because she doesn't ;). It is Sariah who is my loyal commenter.
Both are awesome women who have had profound influences in my life.

Sariah said...

Damn...I've let yet more people down! I'm sorry I can always fulfill every one of your expectations! lol. I have been BEEEEZZZY! Have you noticed my blog? I haven't written in it in over a week...and you KNOW that's wild for me!

Love your kitty picture. My parents have a cat that looks just like your 'kitty' and they call her Skittles.

Christopher said...

Skittles is CRAZY!