Monday, August 27, 2007

Mariners Monday

So Mayor Greg Nickels declared Monday, August 27, 2007, as "Mariner Monday". Here's an article about it from the Puget Sound Business Journal:

To support one of the most important homestands in recent Seattle Mariner history, Mayor Greg Nickels has proclaimed Monday, Aug. 27 as "Mariner Monday."

The Mariners, currently second in the American League West division, open a three-day homestand against the division-leading Los Angeles Angels in a series with postseason implications.

On "Mariners Monday," team officials are urging Seattle residents to wear Mariner caps, jerseys and T-shirts, as well as Mariner blue items, to work and school.

"We'd love to see a sold-out Safeco Field filled with Mariners Blue for that crucial three-game series with the Angels and give the Mariners a true home-field advantage," said Chuck Armstrong, Mariners president and COO, in a statement.

All I got to say to that is Bah! I prepared for today and the entire series (you bet I am going to at least one of the games this week!) with my red Angels gear. I really do like the Mariners, but those guys must know where their place is, which isn't in first. I wish them the best of luck in the wild card race.

And killing two birds with one stone (so violent), here's a pic of the niece for the month. It's Alaura, but I have her up again for obvious reasons. Her Dad done learned her right!


Anonymous said...

Is it you when you were little????

Sariah said...

I was thinking the same thing as "anon" was. Your little niece looks like you could've looked as a child. Too cute! She really is a babe!
As for baseball loyalty, I just go for the team with the best uniforms and best toosh look! What can I say, I'm superficial!!

Carrie said...

Make the hair darker, and put on some bottle cap glasses about the size of my face and you got me.

I was thinking you were a Mets fan these days Sariah, as thats where hottie Tom Glavine is.