Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Voter Pamphlet

It’s voter pamphlet time! In California it wasn’t a big deal, but I have found the King County pamphlet quite entertaining. I can always count on some assortment of freaks running for office. I suppose that happens when you don’t see the sun. However, they must have had some success at the mental clinic since the last pamphlet, because there were only two nutzoids this time around.

First is Goodspaceguy Nelson, running for a seat on the Seattle city council. He was in last November’s election for the United States Senate, so he’s obviously on a mission to get his ideas out. He’s a sci-fi fan and he refers to Earth as Spaceship Earth. I like sci-fi, though I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but the whole Spaceship Earth thing kind of scares me. Don’t believe me, check out the link to his page http://colonizespace.blogspot.com
I suppose he makes some good points in his King County message (not the Senate one, he is 80% freak here), and he’s a libertarian, but the name and the references ('sheeple' for people)… I try to tell my friends libertarians are normal, but I really need you libertarians to help out by actually being that.

Next is Edwin B Fruit, running for the director’s position in the Seattle School District no. 1. This is what Edwin had to say in his statement. You know, where you say what you are going to do and why you are the best candidate for the position:

As a candidate of the Socialist Workers Party I present a working-class alternative to the Democrats and Republicans.
Workers face an unrelenting offensive by profit-driven employers who are driving down conditions of life and work and seeking to undermine solidarity among working people.
The imperialist wars from Iraq to Afghanistan and all theaters of the “war on terror” – are an extension of these assaults on the living standards of workers here.
The resistance today by working people to these assaults – shown by the May Day mass mobilizations for legalization of immigrants in the last two years – points the road forward: rely on our collective power and organize independently of the capitalist parties to advance the interests of toilers worldwide. I invite you to get involved with the Socialist Workers Party campaign. Visit the Socialist Workers Party campaign newspaper at www.themilitant.com.

That’s great Mr. Fruit, just what the school needs! By the way, how about changing the last name to Nut?


Seethaler Family Blog said...

Your so funny, you crack me up :)

Sariah said...

I find it hilarious that you actually read those pamphlets throughly enough to catch those nuts!! Seattle is wacked out! But I still love it...while I don't live there!

T said...

HeHe, at least your nuts didn't make office. Us arkansasans have to live with Bill and Hilary...