Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Phone

So I ran out of time for my Blog Anniversary post, too much baseball work in the way. I'll still post it when I get back from my backpacking outing, but it'll be anti-climatic. I know you have all been at the edge of your seats since I announced it.

I got a new phone and new phone number. I'll be sending emails and such with all the details. I took a couple pics with my camera. One of me at the "library" and one of Donny. Now that I see the pic up close, looks like a stain on the chair. Bad Donny!


Sariah said...

So, am I gonna be privy to the new number? I haven't gotten an email yet...I'm crushed...

You are too cute in your "library". I really like your hair cut on ya! I've got an appt. just may have inspired me. Although, my hair is short, so not much can become of it!!

Seethaler Family Blog said...

Donnie looks like my babe kitty Checkers. I'll have to take a pic. so you can compare.