Tuesday, August 14, 2007


...what a meaningless word in Carrie's world. But seriously folks, I'm going to upload the promised pics and do something a little different for my 2 year blog anniversary on Thursday. Yep, 2 years and I still haven't given my blog any particular focus or personality (unless you consider multiple personalities a personality), but hey I warned you it was lame and may remain lame. Personally, I think it's awesome.

Copying my awesome friend Sariah, who always puts pictures up on her post, here is a pic of Will and I at a Mariners game two weeks ago. My shirt was actually pink, but we sat up so high it became the color you see. J/K, I'm an Angels fan (but I do support the M's when they play other teams) and I was just showing some love for my guys. Unfortunatley they lost, but they tied it up with 3 runs in the 9th and forced 3 more innings. Ha, ha to all you who left in the 8th thinking Seattle had won. Okay, maybe they still beat Anaheim, but not as soundly as you thought. See what I mean about the multiple personalities.

An Angels fan and a Mariners supporter sharing a rare moment of friendship

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Sariah said...

You are such a babe, Carrie! So is Will for that matter! Keep the pics coming...no matter the post!