Sunday, October 07, 2007

Boo to Boston!

My picks now that my beloved Angels have been swept by the Red Sox:

Rockies v. D-Backs: Anyone is fine, both are from the West and the favored teams of my Mother and Mother-in-law respectively.

Red Sox v. Indians: Go Tribe!

Red Sox v. Yankees (if they can pull off that miracle): Sox!

AL v. NL(World Series): NL, Rockies or Diamondbacks


Sariah said...

I'm a bandwagon Boston fan...sorry! Go Sox!!

Carrie said...

No, not the Sox! Was it hottie Josh Beckett who seduced you?

Sariah said...

Actually, no...not Josh! Did you catch the game the other night!?!? Oh, yes baby!

So, Carrie...are you going to give us any other candy reviews? It's high time I bought some for the little trick or treaters and I need to know what's "hot".