Friday, October 26, 2007

Candy Review II

My life has obviously been disrupted when I have only purchased 3 bags of candy in 2 months, with 2 of those being last month. But I must go on with life and proceed with one review, which sadly is negative.

Given my satisfaction with the Dark Twix, I decided to continue my journey into darkness with Snicker’s Dark. Now, before I say anything about the candy, I must express my dissatisfaction with the bag. It’s supposedly a variety pack, but the proportion of regular Snickers to the two other versions (Almond and Dark) is about 5 to 1. It may as well be just a Snickers bag that exclaims “With 3 or 4 of our limited edition, DARK!” My complaint may sound hypocritical given my problem with bagged candy, but I feel I should still be able to pilot my own demise. So with that said, my review is based only on an exclusive 5 pieces.

I’m sure the reason for the limited number is that they don’t want you to realize the Dark version tastes the same as the Milk one. Yes, about all I can say about Snicker’s Dark is that there is a slight difference only when you first place it in your mouth. This is related to the reduced sweetness of the Dark, so of course it’s going to stimulate a different set of buds. The coating is just not prominent enough to influence the overall flavor, which is a mix of nougat, peanuts, and caramel. Perhaps a thicker coat or more subtleness in the inside would have made a difference. MilkyWay, did a great job creating their dark version by eliminating the chocolate nougat, and replacing it with a contrastive vanilla.

So if you are looking to buy candy for your trick or treaters and want leftovers you can still eat or if you need to take the “yucky ones” away from your kids. I’d go with the lower-in-fat original 3 Musketeers and MilkyWay Dark.

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Sariah said...

Three Musketeers it was! Thanks and I hope things are calming a bit for ya!