Thursday, October 25, 2007

Did Carrie from TCM fame pass away?

For the last two weeks I would have said 'yes'. I don't recall a time I've been busier. Most of this is due to my two courses. Well, more accurately, one. The workload of one of my classes is quite reasonable, and I feel my programming classes adequately prepared me. But the other class...oh boy. The lectures may as well be given in Russian, except with Russian I actually understand a few phrases. My only consolation is that past students have felt the same way. Supposedly it makes better sense later on in the program. We’ll see. In the meantime I must be content with the 20+ hour assignments, where ¾ is just spent deciphering it all.

But enough complaining…I have a candy review to write, a nephew to show, and the Red Sox to take a jab at. Actually I can do the latter now, the Red Sox have the second highest payroll in baseball. If they win the World Series it should be of no surprise, just as you expect McDonalds and Walmart to outperform the local competitors.

Go Rockies, but if you are 0-3 by Sunday, at least do something to injure the ever annoying Manny Ramirez!

UPDATE: In all fairness, the Red Sox are not like McDonalds. The latter uses inferior ingredients, the former has good players and an awesome pitcher. It's just that the former has the money to buy the best to quash the competition. I still stand by my call of violence on Manny though.

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