Friday, December 07, 2007

I Have Returned

Click on the pic for
some dancing action!

I am done!!! Well, not quite yet. I still have a final to take next week, and I need to clean up some of the code I just completed...then it's a done deal. I'm just hoping the electricity doesn't go out in some freak accident and that I don't lose what semblance I have of self discipline, by going to sleep when I really ought to 'clean up'.

This was a quarter like none other. I enrolled in the social life exterminating course without one of the prerequisites and concurrently with the other prerequisite, for reasons unknown to even me. I shall now return to the life I once knew 3 months ago.


Carrie said...

You finished it all, went to sleep around 4 and woke up 30 minutes before the submission deadline, then you realized as you were submitting it, you forgot a part. You, my friend (myself), are a DORK!

Sariah said...

LOL! Oh, Carrie! I'm sooo relieved (for you!) that your class is over! I hope you still managed to get it in on time! Glad to have you back! Oh, and I would LOVE to see you boogie like your dancin' action men! Make that your next post! :-)