Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Update 12.07

As of today I am officialy done with my quarter! Hopefully the next few quarters won't be as much of a brain shocker. I'm all about prerequisites now.

The big question now is did anything else happen in my life besides school and whining about my difficult class?

My answer to that is not really, but I'll come up with something...

My soccer team went 1-??-1 this season. Yeah, I lost count of the games we lost. We're hoping for a better season this winter. As for me, I am no longer playing the beloved right defensive position I played as I youngster. I'm now usually the center midfielder. It's hard for me to let go of the control freakiness that made me a good defender, so I still spend a lot of time in the defensive line, and then I run my heart out to catch up to the offensive line when we get control of the ball. It's a good workout, but probably not best for the team to have an exhausted center. Sorry team, I'll get over it the defense obsession soon. Will has yet to attend a game. He's a fair weather spectator, and well, Seattle isn't exactly known for fair weather, but when he does attend, pictures there will be.

I postponed my reception type thingy, which was to be held in November. After spending my first week of school chained to my computer, I concluded that any partying would be eclipsed by my obsession over whatever program I was working on. Date of reception type thingy TBA. However, we still had tickets to California in November, so we flew to Burbank and stayed in Carpenteria instead. The main theme of me in front of the computer remained the same despite the change of location, but I occasionally rewarded my self with a nice run on the beach. I got out once to Santa Barbara to see our old friend Hector. Below are the high quality pictures of the occasion:

And in family news, there will be a new addition in June, and it is NOT coming from me. My brother Brian and his wife are expecting child #3. With Carl's 6, Brian's 2, and Will's sister's 2, I'm a busy girl this Christmas, but I'm not complaining.

Now, for a preview of the exciting topic of my next post...

Above is how it should be done. Check the blog out Sunday for how I do it.

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Sariah said...

I would love to see you play soccer, my friend! I almost fell off my seat in excitment about the addition to your family! That is, until I read it was not for you, personally! ;-) Still, every child is to be celebrated! Congrats! And yes, you ARE a busy girl this Christmas! Good thing you have some time to do your last minute shopping for them!
Oh, and I can hardly wait to see your version on Sunday! You I will be checkin' Sunday night for your post! :-) Love ya! And Merry Christmas!