Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sushi Attempt 11

I left the photography up to the photographer in my tiny little family, but I made the mistake of not feeding him first. He was way more interested in me hurrying up then allowing me to properly place my "art", or even pick out the pieces that are worth photographing. He just took a quick pic of what I had on the plate thus far, grrrr. My apologies to those in the art of sushi, as I think I am breaking the rule of not displaying your rejects, never mind that I am breaking another rule by not using a mat.
Although, out of respect, I am not going post the full plate pic, it really is too ugly, rather I just cropped a few pieces out. Still lacking in the art department, but I'm going to ignore the little voice that is telling me not to put any pictures up.

Salmon Roll w/Avocado

BFF's Philly Roll (My first try at it at the Salmon/Cream Cheese combo) and Seared Salmon Roll

And just so you don't think your computer screwed up and didn't load photo2, that is what photo2 looks like. Note to self: learn to photo edit in spare time.


Sariah said...

Ok, I am actually amazed that you made these! Carrie, I think they look DE-LISH!! Seriously, I think you and Will need a little Texas vacation! Just be sure to make some of these babies while you are here! Christopher would LOVE for me to learn how to make sushi! For now, he'll just have to take me out!! (See, there has to be a few things a woman wont even attempt to make for her man! Otherwise, we would never get taken out for great food!!)
They look really great...and have made me really hungry! Of course, your photography couldn't hurt for another go around! ;-)

Dima said...

Good Job :)

Roxy said...

Seriously you are brave! I could never do that. Also I don't like fish, but that's besides the point. You wouldn't know how to make rice balls would you?

I know this is off the subject, but I had a Vietnamese friend of mine who once had me go to her friends house and their mother made some kind of rice ball with meat in the middle and it was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I just don't know really what they were called or what was in it. So I'm probably at a loss, but I'd thought I'd see if you knew.